Wednesday, November 26, 2014


i had this super cute photo of our family and i wrote this great thanksgiving greeting for you all~
then this happened.

This Thanksgiving as we gather with friends and family, whether near or far, I want this year to be a little different. 


Giving Thanks. Yes, we celebrate a day of blessings and Give Thanks.

May this video remind you of the abundant blessings we have. Our missionaries, Kyle and Cassie Murray {and their precious 4 kiddos} have been serving in Honduras as a part of R.O.O.M. They provide a transition home for orphans. Little Anthony was rescued by Kyle and Cassie from an orphanage. He was sick. Soon after his arrival to the Murray home, Anthony was diagnosed with Leukemia. 
Cassie filled the gap. She gave him the tender love only a mother can give. The Murray family stepped right into the mess of ministry. Anthony became a member of the Murray gang very quickly. 

Last week Anthony was moved into the custody of another foster family. He will travel to the US and receive medical care here. 

A happy and  joyful day for Anthony and his new foster family was also a hard day for all who have loved and cared for Anthony. That is the reality of the mess of ministry.

"Caring for Anthony has been one of the most difficult privileges of my life...our days were long and hard but full of such laughter and joy." ~ Cassie Murray 

This season let us consider the mess a great privilege and remind us of our abundant blessings. 

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