Friday, April 25, 2014

what a TREAT~

i am thrilled to collaborate with TREAT &  begin posting about photography tips, greeting card & stationary styling tips. 

 Treat is a part of the Shutterfly family of brands. they are a premier online stationery website that offers exclusive designs for personalized greeting cards, thank you cards, and custom stationery to fit any occasion.

as a mother of five kiddos i have planned a lot of birthday parties. being the creative that i am...normally a theme will come to mind and i run with it. planning every last detail. we have had "orange everything", john deere tractor, mermaid, sailboat, pirate, poodle, mustache party & more. in my opinion nothing ties it together from beginning to end than invitations & thank you cards.

when selecting photographs to use for invitations or thank you cards i tend to choose photos that express my child's personality. a goofy smile or a child dressed like the party theme is precious. 

i love that the cards i send with TREAT will become keepsakes. i have ended up keeping them in my scrapbook to remind me of how fast time goes by & how quickly our children grow from year to year. 

i also am super excited that TREAT offers an app. as a mama on the go sometimes it is hard to find those moments to sit in front of the computer and upload a photo then create a card. it is much easier to use my phone and snap a photo. then i load it quickly and create away! check the app store for the TREAT app. 

TREAT makes it easy to have thoughtfulness at your fingertips. you can send not only invites & thank you cards but any type of card. go check it out today!

i created a TREAT Easter card this year & it was so easy not to mention how cute it was personalized with our family photo. 

a look at the inside. 

send someone a 



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