Friday, April 25, 2014

what a TREAT~

i am thrilled to collaborate with TREAT &  begin posting about photography tips, greeting card & stationary styling tips. 

 Treat is a part of the Shutterfly family of brands. they are a premier online stationery website that offers exclusive designs for personalized greeting cards, thank you cards, and custom stationery to fit any occasion.

as a mother of five kiddos i have planned a lot of birthday parties. being the creative that i am...normally a theme will come to mind and i run with it. planning every last detail. we have had "orange everything", john deere tractor, mermaid, sailboat, pirate, poodle, mustache party & more. in my opinion nothing ties it together from beginning to end than invitations & thank you cards.

when selecting photographs to use for invitations or thank you cards i tend to choose photos that express my child's personality. a goofy smile or a child dressed like the party theme is precious. 

i love that the cards i send with TREAT will become keepsakes. i have ended up keeping them in my scrapbook to remind me of how fast time goes by & how quickly our children grow from year to year. 

i also am super excited that TREAT offers an app. as a mama on the go sometimes it is hard to find those moments to sit in front of the computer and upload a photo then create a card. it is much easier to use my phone and snap a photo. then i load it quickly and create away! check the app store for the TREAT app. 

TREAT makes it easy to have thoughtfulness at your fingertips. you can send not only invites & thank you cards but any type of card. go check it out today!

i created a TREAT Easter card this year & it was so easy not to mention how cute it was personalized with our family photo. 

a look at the inside. 

send someone a 



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Thursday, April 24, 2014

sparkle baby!

my recent write up for the kiddo kronicle~

2 corinthians 3:18
so all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord, who is the Spirit, who makes us more and more like him as we are changed into His glorious image. (NLT)

living near a body of water is something i think most of us neglect to appreciate. i drive over the lake wylie bridge multiple times a day. and most of those times i am unaware of the beauty set before me. it takes me by surprise somedays. when the sun is setting and the sky looks as if it were on fire or when the moonlight is cast upon the open still water. yesterday as i was crossing the bridge in the early morning light the sun was reflecting off the current of water flowing in lake wylie. it looked as if someone had spread gold glitter in the water. it literally took my breath away. it was magnificent.

in that moment i felt like God was reminding me to be the reflection of light that made the water sparkle. the veil was torn (matthew 27:51) upon Christ’s death on the cross. we have direct access to God in all of His holiness. His Spirit resides in us as believers. as we continue to seek Him, walk with Him, desire Him, we are called to reflect His glory. He is faithful to make us more and more like Jesus and we grow in Him.

like always, when i write to you parents in the Kiddo Kronicle i want to bring it full circle. so as we approach the summer break, when all of our kids will be home and the days seem endless, let us not miss the beauty in routine. do not take for granted this moment you have to make a street in chalk for your child to ride bikes on, blow the 50 millionth bubble, or change them into another dry swim suit for yet another sprinkler run…do not neglect these times. living in these moments you are reflecting Christ’s love for us to your children. just as you desire the beauty of life for your child He desires for us.

lean in to the small voice that tells you to pull over and just watch the water sparkle and dance before your eyes.  after all, He is making us more and more like Him & these are the glorious moments not to miss.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

our lab pup~

welcome to the family jed!

16 months ago we welcomed a new member into the mcgarity clan. he was the brown furry kind of member. jed wiggled his way into our hearts long before we ever met him. in 2012 our family was the "spotlight" family during the FIGHT NIGHT FOR KIDS fundraiser. our daughter libby claire was loving the spotlight that night. at the end of an amazing evening we met tripper wood. he was so friendly & kind. tripper explained he was a second generation labrador breeder & would like to offer our family a lab puppy. he went on to tell us his labs are bred for temperament. they are non-hyper dogs. well...being a family with 5 kids and 2 old dogs already we really didn't jump at the chance for another mouth to feed. but we did agree to come out to the wood farm and check out the labs. a few weeks later we all loaded up and headed to meet tripper at his farm. well, of course...we held puppies...met adult labs...and fell in love with labs. within a few months tripper called to let us know a mama had a litter and we needed to come pick out jed. the newest mcgarity. we have had an excellent experience with jed. tripper, his wife jody & his father tripp have been within a phone call or drive away if we needed anything or had any questions. i was a little nervous adding a puppy to our mix but honestly with the training tips tripper gave us the "puppy stage" was not bad at all. 
jed is a fantastic dog. he is great with our kids!

one of our concerns about getting a puppy was libby claire. in 2009 she was 19 months old & fell from a second story loft of a beach home. she suffered a massive skull fracture and was air lifted to the nearest children's hospital. there she under went life saving surgery. to read her whole story visit her caring bridge site here & go back to july of 2009 journal entry. during our long stay in the children's hospital we lived in a Ronald McDonald House.  that is how we ended up being the "spotlight family" that fateful evening we met tripper. thankful our paths crossed that night. 

we now are lifelong friends with the wood family & have seen their precious family grow. call us crazy but we would love have our family grow & add another puppy from labpups!

jed & libby claire

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