Sunday, March 30, 2014

{jleer2012 denim shoot}

jleer denim commercial print photoshoot.
evoke production group

production and commercial shoot for jleer denim 2014. 
all photos copyright elizabeth mcgarity photography & jleer2012.

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the stomach bug hits~

as parents when we hear of someone getting a stomach bug we steer way clear of those germs. i am a bit of a "germ-a-phob." so i do extra cloroxing, hand washing, and keeping us away from the germs. homeschooling has made this a bit easier. it started with finn. poor little buddy was up all night throwing up. he was pitiful. thankfully it was short lived and once he was able to keep some fluids and food down he seemed to be on the mend. now libby claire is down. she woke us up this morning around 4:30. so after changing sheets, cleaning carpets and a good shower this morning, she is back asleep. i am just praying everyone doesn't succumb to the bug.
there is something you feel as a parent when your children are sick. you look at them tenderly, the endless cleaning and task of being "on-call" for a cold washcloth or a refill on ginger-ale makes your heart full. i am very thankful for healthy children, but when ours pick up little bugs here and there it reminds me of a life we lived a few years ago. the watchful eyes we had when libby claire was in a coma or even when we returned home. we were consumed with looking AT her and FOR her. it is the same way when each one of our littles get sick . we willingly spend the long nights or daytime watching them rest. keeping up with each breath, hold hair back or wiping tears. there is such surrender and dependance they have when they are sick.
i can't help but parallel this with God as our Father. we all are sick in sin. when we become like children who are sick and look to Him for comfort He is there, always there. just like our own children who surrender to our care and are dependent on us. we need to become that way with God.  as parents we know what it feels like to be sick, we are empathetic. Jesus took on all the sin of the world. He knows.
not only will God care for us daily but He will also do the carpet cleaning, sheet washing and de-germing in our life. just  let Him.

wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin~ psalm 51:2

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