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overcome the lie~

i have been asked to be a part of the annual blog tour for OVERCOME THE LIE & am super thrilled. for those of you just reading chasing seagulls for the first time let me introduce myself. i am a girl who fell in love with a boy when i was fifteen, i am fallen but have come to know The One who lifts me up everytime, i am an organized, amen type of girl, married to that boy & now we are church planters & in full time ministry, mama to five little arrows, lover of all things monogrammed, photographed, & of course...getting polished up.  i am passionate about seeking the face of Jesus & hiding His Word in my heart.

{overcome the lie}~living in the reality of your greatest fear

we had just announced the joyous news to our families on father's day of 2009 before setting off for a family respite from ministry for two weeks at my parents home on the gulf coast of florida. we knew welcoming a 5th child into our family would change us forever. we did not expect that our lives would have been changed by the experience of july 10, 2009. 

our clan {2009} announcing our big news, number 5 is on the way

on july 10th our youngest at the time, libby claire {19 months old}, fell 9.5 feet from a second story loft. her body fit through the railing pickets. she landed on the tile floor directly on the left front of her skull. she was airlifted and had major lifesaving surgery that day.  we were told she very well might not survive the surgery. if she did, there was a great  chance she would never walk again, talk again or have any quality of life. 
once you hear those words "your child could die today" time literally stops.

i was living in the reality of my greatest fear.  

read the full miracle of libby claire here.

the possibility of libby claire's death was the death of the person i was up until that sunny morning in july. in that moment when time was frozen i became completely broken, completely surrendered, completely dependent on God. 

when you are living in the reality of your greatest fear time stands still. you are scared stiff. fear becomes crippling and even functioning seems impossible. all of us have different fears, but the effects of those fears on everyone are the same. medically what happens:

The hormones released into the body during a fear response cause the following physical reactions:
  • Increase in heart rate and blood pressure
  • Dilated pupils
  • Constriction of veins in the skin, which causes the chilly sensation often associated with fear
  • Increased blood glucose
  • Tensing of muscles and goose bumps
  • Relaxation of smooth muscles
  • Shutting down of nonessential systems such as digestion and the immune system
  • Difficulty concentrating on small tasks

what happens in our hearts varies from person to person. i want to testify to what happened in my heart when i was in the valley of the shadow of death. i thoyght the only time i would ever question my faith or become angry with God would be if  { & only if } one of my children was tragically injured or if i ever lost a child. my faith would falter. i was a mother, i simply wasn't strong enough. 

i stared at my greatest fear in the ambulance, in a helicopter, in an emergency room waiting area, in the tunnel hall of an OR, in the PICU, in rehab, in therapy, in each and everyday since. but what happened to my heart in that reality, when my faith was going to shift, so i thought...His strength was made perfect in my weakness. {2 corinthians 12:9} i was so low i could only look up in those moments. my faith did not falter. 

psalm 34 
i sought the Lord, and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears. 

i clung to His promises in scripture. He upheld me, He sustained me and He comforted me. 

i read this quote and it perfectly describes what i felt happened to me during certain times in my life. 

"Sometimes the Lord calms the storm. Sometimes he lets the storm rage and calms his child."

when our oldest son was three his favorite bible story was the "be still" story, he called it. mac would ask us to tell it to him over and over. you might be familiar with it also. {mark 4:35-41 & matthew 8:23-27} Jesus is in the boat with his disciples. he was resting in the boat. in verse 24 of matthew 8, we read that a fierce storm struck suddenly. the disciples woke Jesus up yelling out of fear, "Lord save us, we are going to drown!" i have often felt the storm raging around me. the waves crashing & the darkness closing in. i find myself crying out to God asking Him to save me. i was living in the reality of my greatest fear in 2009. what happens next in the scripture is awesome. Jesus very nonchalantly and almost annoyed to his disciples asks,   "why are you so afraid?, you have so little faith." then Jesus rebukes the wind and the waves & they were calm. in the book of mark, Jesus speaks the words "be still" and there was calm. the "be still" story can speak into our circumstances. Jesus is asking us in the reality of our fear, "why are you so afraid? you have so little faith." 

our God knows your storm. you might be living in the reality of your greatest fear. you are experiencing the body signs of the realness of your fear. i want to encourage your heart. it is easy to loose faith, it is easy to become angry and blame. assume the posture of surrender. 

cry out to God. {psalm 18:6}

 He will will calm the storm and if it rages on, He will calm you. 

our clan {2014}

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