Friday, November 1, 2013



Last week I was driving down Hwy. 49 and I saw a van pulled over in the grass on the side of the road. As I passed the car I witnessed something all too familiar. There was a little boy, probably around the age of two, pants around his ankles, bare bottomed…going potty.  I looked in my rear view and sure enough the mama was standing beside him clapping away.
Clearly, the sweet boy was potty training and needed to go. I have successfully potty trained all five of our children. All were different. Some easier, some more difficult. One refused to sit on the potty and ended up having major tummy issues, one potty trained herself, in one day! ­­
Isn’t life like potty training a child! I want to encourage you to find a heart of gratitude in the midst of the mess. Find thankfulness in the middle of the task of life, remember clap your hands.  It takes patience, consistency, rewards, and sometimes you may even have to pull over for a bit. You will be rejoicing at the end result.

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