Tuesday, October 1, 2013

love in the cheerio mess~

I posted this picture on instagram the other day & the caption below went like this:

“Take heart Mama’s the days are fleeting that we will be exhausted and overwhelmed. Soon there will be no more messy finger prints, Cheerios on the floor or hineys to wipe. Bathe in the joys of motherhood. There.Is.No.Higher.Calling. You are raising the future, leaving a legacy.”

How often I have rushed my days along as a mom of five. I remember when I was just wishing for the next season to come. “Well, once they start sleeping through the night, or walking, or talking, or going potty, or making snack for themselves, or doing dishes, or driving…” Our oldest is 14 and our youngest is almost 4. I have wished the years away excited to get to the next one. I see how fast time has slipped away in these past 14 years. Now I am ready to slam on the brakes. I am so grateful I have a lot of kiddos that span different ages because now I can relish these moments of “firsts” and not wish time away.  I am a little more patient, accepting, forgiving, all & all into being a mom. I am raising our future, leaving a legacy. I want it to be a good one.  Bathe in parenthood, each and every moment of it. Don’t wish it away…it will be gone before you know it.


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