Tuesday, September 17, 2013

make ROOM~

the day is coming when we as a church body will send out one of our own. well, not really just one actually 6 of our own. kyle & cassie murray have been with our church for 2 1/2 years...since the birth of relevant church. matt & i could not be prouder of their family. they have dropped their nets and are following Jesus. the muray family has partnered with R.O.O.M they will be moving to costa rica in march of 2014. kyle & cassie moved to our town 2 1/2 years ago. their next door neighbors told us the very first sunday after the murrays moved in. they said "there is this precious young couple that has 4 kids and we are doing all we can to get them to relevant." well, it took a week of asking but the murrays showed up that very next Sunday to church. we were introduced and the rest is history. the murrays have rarely missed a sunday, bible study, family function, church meeting, gathering, pot luck dinner, outreach, mission, opportunity to serve since the very first day. the thought that Gods great vision for relevant has impacted this family to give them the support they need to answer the call to the mission field amazes me. this is what is is about, multiplication. period. Jesus. period. watching kyle & cassie become set apart & unattached has been a privilege. there is no greater call than he ones that answer to be sent out into a lost & dying world to serve the least. the call is obvious and we were not shocked when they both wanted to sit us down & "share the news." please join us as we pray for the murray family & if you would like to support them go to make room for the murrays.  
here's the tricky part our family loves the murrays. matt & i keep saying this is like a bad break up. you know it is coming. you see it, far off, but you see it. our times together a getting limited. they have moved further away now to live with in-laws to free up financing from a mortgage. we will miss them. the mcgarity clan will be missing a piece once march comes. sunday mornings will be different. the habits of friendship will slip into a long distance friendship, worlds apart.  this bad break up will be sad, we will miss the six murrays we have come to know and love so deeply. here it will be different, there in costa rica it will be different. i can not think of any better "break-up" than this one. there will be great gain in this: there will be orphans lives, childrens salvation, their needs, fresh water...living water. so let the end come ever so slowly but ever so quickly.
so that's the murray family, but i want to address the cassie issue of her leaving. cassie is my encourager. she has become part of my heart in some strange way that no other friend has. we are the exact same and the exact opposite. her strengths are my weaknesses. cassie keeps me on track, she checks in. she lifts me up and i know she senses when i am tapped. we laugh, it's a good thing.  i think of her, pray for her, want to see her. time, circumstance and distance will not change that. i love her! so here's to the gift of facetime, let's pray for costa rica to have wi-fi!

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