Friday, July 12, 2013

joyful july 10th~

july 10th comes each year. 
4 years ago we were told that july 10th would be a day where we would mourn the loss of our 4th child. the anniversary of this day would come as the dreaded day every year. the further we get away from july 10, 2009 the more joyful it becomes. the day when life seemed to stand still at 9:05 am. 
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we come to the gulf coast beach house where it all happened and spend time around july 10th. we celebrate the healing, mercy, love & restoration of our great God. He took a lifeless little girl and healed her miraculously. we come here to remember and honor the emergency workers, hospital staff, all who prayed for her, to chase seagulls and live life fully. for our family july 10th has become a time to get away and celebrate life. we do things the "libby claire" way. the gift libby claire has given to us is a life changed. not by the moments we suffered watching her struggle for her life, then against all odds be fully restored. she has gifted us with the gift of life, very simply just life. 
as a family we enjoy JOYFUL JULY 10th as though it were all of our birthdays. we play, eat, celebrate, pray & are grateful. 
psalm 121

enjoy your joyful july 10th!

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