Thursday, May 9, 2013

happy birthday RMH!

most of you know how near & dear the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte is to our hearts. for those of you jut beginning to read chasing's the scoop.
in 2009 while on vacation shortly after telling our families we were expecting baby number 5 our 19 month old daughter fell from a second story loft. resulting in a massive skull fracture & traumatic brain injury. a piece of her fractured skull lacerated her sagittal sinus artery. we were air lifted and the life saving surgery began...during our stay in the PICU of all children's hospital we lived in a Ronald McDonald House. Levine Children's Hospital flew us home for her to be in the PICU near our house. Upon arrival we were sure Charlotte had a RMH & shocked to find there wasn't one. after researching & some work with Levine we found out the capital campaign had started and we actually were able to come alongside the RHM of charlotte & see the house from the ground up. the meaning on the RMH for families like our is not only about having a place to sleep other than a hospital recliner & some where to take a break from the claustrophobia of a hospital is you home. you become family with the other parents staying there, the volunteers become a support system to just hug you while you cry. the cookies prepared daily are that sweet fix you need when everything else is slipping through your fingers. coming home to the RMH is comfort, care & ceaseless for the family in need.
we will never forget the night we checked into the RMH & the house operations manager that held my hand as we both cried over libby claire. every moment in the RMH is wrapped in tender care.
happy 2nd birthday to the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte! libby claire has a special song just for you!

to read more of our journey with libby claire please click here to visit her caringbridge site.

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