Tuesday, April 23, 2013

busy bees~

We are all busy bees

This week the weather has been amazing! All of us with small children enjoy this spring weather because our kiddos can play outside. Then the great reward for us parents is after all that outdoor activity they get worn slap out and go to bed early. I pulled into the parking lot of Pleasant Hill for preschool pick up and had about forty minutes to spare. I parked and started to walk through the cemetery. The Pleasant Hill cemetery is beautiful and I love history. The cemetery headstones are ancient and I am fascinated by the dates some you cannot even read. As I strolled along the isles I began to hear the hum of bees.  I do not like bees.  When I was 7 months pregnant with our second son while walking near the lake a hive of yellow jackets was stirred up and ended up attacking me.  I had no choice but to jump into Lake Wylie…in the November freezing cold water. I had over 65 stings. Needless to say, I am not a fan of bees.  When I heard the hum I froze. Looking down at the ground below there were a thousand little black bees hovering the ground. They were busy and flying in circles. Some would fly in and out of tiny holes in the red clay and grass. I seriously stood there for thirty minutes and watched them. It was clear they had no interest in me & I was mesmerized by their activity and how many there were.  They are called “Mining Bees/Ground Nesting Wasps” I found upon later study.
Standing there in that cemetery watching these bees I wondered if maybe this is what God views us as. Here we are on earth all swarming about. Going in and out of our holes, busy, consumed but hovering. We hover over our lives and seem to just swarm about in and out of the daily activities. As parents we get into the chore of raising children, the chore of providing and roll right into the chore of just life. The cliché of “Stop and smell the roses” or “Enjoy the days while your children are young. They grow all too fast.” We hear them but do we listen?
I am so guilty of this. As a busy mother of five I get sucked into life and into just the chore of getting stuff done.  In 2009 we almost lost our 4th child. We walked a fine line after a lifesaving surgery for her.  They prepared us that she would not make it. During that time we lived moment to moment. Nothing else mattered as her life hung in the balance. The world faded away. We stopped and smelled every rose, to say.  In the years that followed and her recovery began, life began as well. I have moved back into the business of life. Seeing these bees froze me in my steps not because of fear but because of the reminder of what God views while we lead our daily lives. We are chaotic and don’t slow down. He has placed us in a beautiful surrounding. He has gifted us with these borrowed children. Let us not swarm and hover and soon forget that. 

Crazy enough I took this picture of our 4th child, Libby Claire a month ago in the cemetery stopping to smell a flower.
Libby Claire, our miracle, told me that day “Mama, stop and smell the flowers, always stop to smell the  flowers."

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