Thursday, April 4, 2013

bringing blue home

spring break & the husband home has offered him the perfect chance to bring ole blue home. this truck is a 4th generation truck. matt's great grandfather bought it as a company work truck new in 1962. it was woodland green back then. matt's grandfather drove it for the company, then matt's dad drove it. i have heard tales of matt's dad along with his siblings as children driving the old truck around the yard. matt & his father pulled it out of the woods when he was 14 years old. then matt began to fix it up & get the truck running again. he had it painted chevrolet blue & when we met he was driving this truck. matt picked me up on our first date in ole blue. fast forward many years and here matt & our 13 year old son have pulled it out of the woods again to get ole blue running. we plan for blue to be our farm truck but mac plans to drive it. it will be great to have it running again.

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