Wednesday, February 13, 2013

heart day 2013

heart day 2013


 so mama & daddy don't get a hot date night out on the town for valentine's day this year...but a girl can dream right. throw in a black 1940 buick coupe with white wall tires with a chauffeur. dinner will be on the top of a building downtown, strings will be played, chocolate lava cake & champagne to top it off. we would dance on the roof top as it begins to snow~

realistically~ i am at home digging through my kids valentine's candy from school, baking cupcakes while finn licks the red icing from a spoon. libby claire & maggie are putting red lipstick on one another. mac & beau are having a "girlfriend" chat. and my valentine, matt is always by my side.
my dream pales in comparisson to my real life!

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