Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the f word~

this past sunday we had our monthly revive 31 meeting. where the women of our church gather together collectively to have a time of fellowship & fun. in the beginning i stated i never wanted us to gather without opening God's word. each month i have been so excited to prepare a message to share what the Lord wants to reveal to the ladies of our groups.
this month i laughed because the theme was so overly manly. we showed a clip from the movie facing the giants, a football movie & the text i used was 1 sam 17. the story of david & goliath. totally a mans lesson, it would seem.
well, things are not as they seem.

as i was in preparation for speaking it unfolded as messages do. it became so feminine.

i gave the overview of the account of david & goliath. also the back story of who david was. it was a few points that jumped off the text to me.

  • Who was David? He was a brave young man full of faith & an unlikely warrior.
  • Who was he fighting for? David was fighting for God & His people Israel.
  • David chose 5 stones from the brook, then he chose to run into the valley of certain death.
  • As people when we face our own giant FIGHT or FLIGHT takes over. i want to use FEAR or FAITH.
  • Our giants can be anything not from God.
  • Satan stands before us waving his spear, taunting us & for the most part we do nothing.
  • People who are indwelt with the Holy Spirit & are commissioned by God sit back & look on helplessly.
  • our goliaths come at us from every angle. we can defeat them!
  • Let's make these 5 stones spiritual stones.
stone 1~


we have to take hold of our faith strongly & securely when faced with our giant. v. 1 sam 16:13 spirit of the Lord

stone 2~


our giant may have been following us around from our past. creeping up on us. once he catches up to us he will constantly taunt us. we must forgive ourselves or those that have wronged us.

stone 3~


when davis gathered those stones. he just yelled RUN and headed into the battle ground. he was not certain if his brothers were behind him, or if the army was behind him. HE KNEW GOD WAS IN FRONT OF HIM. ALL HE NEEDED TO DO WAS FOLLOW HIM!

stone 4~


paul says in eph 6:12 " for we wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
the enemy is all around us today. we look at goliaths everyday. but we have given armor & will be victorious.
the battle was won on the cross, Jesus was, is & will be victorious. claim it!

stone 5~


definition: to move forward gradually or steadily.

we must move on, forge ahead when we beat the giant. it is natural to want to run as far & as fast away as possible. but in doing so we could burn out. (marathon example)
when we burn out the giant catches back up to us. steady with purpose.

we need to remember in our life at this moment we might just a shepard tending to our flock, but with God we can be giant slayers and are destine to be great KINGS.

the girls laughed at all my f words i dropped, but may we all pick those f words up as we gather our 5 stones.

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