Tuesday, January 15, 2013

mighty oak farms~

well, here we are! our family is thrilled to actually be taking steps to a working farm. big secret, don't tell our kids but the chicken coop and goat pin and shelter will soon be under construction. finished just in time for spring. our kids will be getting animals very soon!

the chickens & pygmy goats plus a milking goat, will be welcomed joyfully i am sure. we will begin mighty oak farms with eggs, fresh chicken  and goat cheese. our plan is to lease some acreage to a cattle farmer we know, and eventually, purchase a dairy cow. that is if the goat milking goes well.

our home is on the market and we will be moving onto the farm once we sell. all this is in the works as i write. i know it will fall in place. funny how i am such a control freak but when it comes to something as huge as a place for all 7 of us to go...i just know it will be fine. we have done this up in the air thing many times in regards to residency.

we have house plans and know what we will need. this will be where we will settle and grow our roots deep. this will be the house and farm our grandchildren will visit. maybe the pasture one of our children's weddings will take place.

when you are in ministry you go where He calls you to go. i know this and we have always built, sold, and lived in houses we knew were not permanent. we have been in this house for 4 years. that is an eternity for us. the longest we have ever lived in one place has been 2 years for the past 14 years.
this will be the place we can call home even if God calls us somewhere other than this zip code.

now you are in the know~ and think of us if you need eggs or goat cheese in the spring of 2013~

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