Wednesday, January 9, 2013

amy d~

amy d~

for the last few days there has been great sorrow & great celebration over amy. i knew amy in high school. our lives intertwined through separate social circles and a grade level apart. but I have fond, funny memories of who she was in high school. i did not have the honor of knowing the amy most of you did. as a daughter, best friend, wife, mother. the two of our  lives only brushed for a moment in time. i did not go to amy’s wedding, or celebrate her pregnancy. i have not met her & adam’s precious charis. i was not there when you girls gathered together to shave amy’s head. i did not babysit charis or even take them a meal.  i have sat back & watched amy’s life from the sidelines. I have over the years witnessed beautiful girls, I grew up with, become brides, mothers, business owners but only through pictures. the joy seeped from these photos. and as the course of life continued i started following amy’s caringbridge. it sucks having a caringbridge, the realization just sucks. it sucks living in this fallen world, being sick, watching someone else struggle with the wreckage that surrounds treatments, loss, suffering and so on.

but I can say with all certainty, it was my blessing to travel through this from afar with amy, her family & friends. i have had the honor of lifting her up before the throne of our God. talking about her & cancer. praying for a miracle or a cure. i have learned a life of knowledge from her. her optimism but realism in each & every post. her faith, her beauty, her trust, her strength, her joy, her fight, her character, her love, her authenticity, her hope, her smile, her beautiful bald head, her awesome earrings, her fear, her…just her.

and I really have no place, i can only say what I have seen not able to walk alongside her.

it saddens me that at the closure of one’s life is when  we finally write what we admire or glean from the person they were here on earth.  so amy, adam, charis, family & friends I chose today that amy your passing with not close a chapter of me watching from the sidelines but I am going to become a fighter.  i am going to live the joy.  i will honor you by continuing to fight the good fight. loving up on my kids, cherishing my husband, committing to be a better friend, and not waiting to tell everyone just how much I love them & passing through this life with them, while wearing some awesome earrings.

well done amy, i know i will see you again where we can live in eternal  joy & admiration of our King. our days were so few here but oh how you made a permanent impression on me forever. and I was just watching…

matthew 6:19
1 timothy 6:12
2 timothy 4:7

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