Sunday, December 30, 2012

taliban are on the road

when we travel we seriously look like the taliban. the interior of our car is a mix of pillows, blankets, bags, barbies,carseats, toys, books, games, movie players, headphones, juice boxes, snacks, shoes, 14 arms, 14 legs, and 140 fingers and toes. not to mention the luggage-
we are headed back to florida. during this trip we plan on beaching it, pooling it & sunning it! of course, while we are there we will head to st. pete to visit everyone at all children's hospital. we have not seen libby claire's team of doctors, nurses and the hospital crew in 2 years. we will also head over to the longboat key fire and rescue to visit some of our favorite firemen and EMS workers! pray for us as this trip is always relaxing but emotional. I update soon.

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