Saturday, December 1, 2012

a bird in the house~

romans 6:12
therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires.

a few weeks ago a bird was in our house. we still can not figure out exactly how long it was inside or how in the world it got in. when we came home from taking the bigs to school i heard something rustling around in matts office. i went in and couldn't see anything. there was this dried white drops on his floor, weird. i thought who found and got into the white out. i quickly went to scope out where finn would have hidden it. had to be him! as i passed the dining room the chandelier was swaying, weird. finally, after a good hour we saw it. perched in our entryway window. pooping up a storm!

matt got a towel, we tried to shoo it out the front door. with no luck. it then flew on the second floor in some unknown room. i needed that bird out at that moment. it was wiggin me out. we could not find it again. we looked in all the kids bedrooms, under stuff, on stuff. it disappeared. when we looked in our bedroom for the last time it had been sitting very motionless on our curtain rod. we closed our bedroom door, got the windows open, removed the screens and out it went. thankfully!

we might have left a door open and somehow the bird flew in. i am thinking the garage was left wide open and then the door was open. so it would have had to have flown in the garage and then made its way in the door also.

sometimes in life we leave our doors open and stuff flies right in. it perches itself somewhere hidden but then begins wreaking havoc inside. eventually, the poop starts. it is a mess. going from place to place inside our homes, hearts, families and lives.

once we see it and know it is there, we have to chase it down, shut it in one place and open our windows...then shoo it out. get it out!

the best part is we then replace the screens, shut our windows and lock them tight. keeping that thing from flying back into our lives.

the even better part is that we know now it is out there & wants back in. so keep a close eye on what doors you may possibly leave open.

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