Sunday, November 11, 2012


Proverbs 3:6

i am waking up really early with this time change & most mornings I lay the and think, pray & try to fall back asleep but this morning I played a game a solitaire on my phone. In the beginning I had a red cards before me & for the first half of the deck I still had made no moves. Finally I was able to start moving some cards & the game was beginning to go my way. Eventually I got to the point of stacking my cards & needed to get a few crucial ones to win the game. Then there was this. I could move one of 2 kings over to an empty spot to reveal the one card under each king, but I had to choose which one. I did move one & the card underneath did not help me at all. I would have lost the game if I continued to play. It was at that moment I noticed the UNDO button. I could undo the move I just made & make the move that actually mattered. The king I needed to move to win the game. I did undo my move & did move that king & won my game of solitaire.
It was still to early to get up so as I put my phone down I felt accomplished but grateful for that simple small undo button. I began to think of how many times in my life I needed an undo button. How many times my road forked & I made a choice only to find out after a few moves it was the wrong one! Of course, there is no such thing. As an undo button.
Jesus Christ offers us an undo button. No it will not erase the choice we made & set us back to the moment back in time. But it will begin to lay before us the moves we need to make & in the end we will win the game! Even better He offers a HINT button. He will direct your path & show you what ti do. Just trust in Him today & read His word for your next move!

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