Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas card styling

here is what i am shopping for for our upcoming Christmas card photo session~

Christmas card styling


the i siblings~

i got a sweet email for the oldest sister in this bunch. they have never, ever had pictures taken! these three got together and have planned a secret session to give to their mother for Christmas. i know she will be so excited!
meet the i siblings~


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  may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.
romans 15:13

hope is an amazing thing. it is one of those words you can't quite wrap your head and heart around. some days hope is all i have.

i have never experienced hopelessness~ even in the midst of really hard days. i can not imagine what desperation must be in the middle of hopelessness, the void.

my hope & prayer for you today if you are hopeless that this verse will penetrate deep into your soul. that our God of hope will fill that void with joy & His peace. and that by His spirit you may marinate in hope!


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EB {senior}

you senior year is so exciting, especially when you are in the high school band & win nationals! EB plays the french horn and serenaded us while we had our photo session. pretty cool!
congrats EB!


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Monday, November 26, 2012


had to post

the sisters~

these beautiful argentine gals have been infront of my camera before. they are by far the best ladies to photograph! love these girls~

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the v family~

this precious family has never had their pictures taken...what???? i was honored to be the one to take their pictures. i love the way all of them turned out. meet the v fam~

i am looking forward to taking your pictures every year!

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l & s {engagement}

this session was so special. the bride to be has been my best friend since birth...literally. we have known each other since day one. i am over the moon excited that she has found the love of her life, who just happens to be a high school friend of ours. happy engagement! i love you both~

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five & every bit alive~

happy 5th birthday libby claire!

november 10th libby claire turned 5. each year that rolls around (post 2009) is a major celebration for our family. no, it is not that we celebrate bigger & better for her and not our other 4 is just different.
on july 10th 2009 while we waited to hear the news that our 19 month old had not made it through surgery, as we were told to expect, my mind raced with thoughts. some of these were the november 10th days that would come and go for the rest of my life. the november 10ths that i would encounter each year. a day we only celebrated once for her. the cakes, balloons, presents, what she would have looked like, talked like, her favorite things. it is so true that your life does flash in front of your eyes in crisis moments. i vividly remember these thoughts, the sorrow & loss that came with these is still so real. the tears burned my face at that time, my stomach and whole body hurt. i was in pain, physical pain. i was cold, felt the death already. i was mourning.
 miraculously & only miraculously that did not happen!
now each november 10th that comes is different for me as her mama. i know what cake she wants, i see her excitement, i know her favorite things. she IS walking, she IS eating, she IS talking, she IS alive!
here are a few recent pictures of libby claire~

happy 5th birthday sweet libby claire!
we love you!

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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Proverbs 3:6

i am waking up really early with this time change & most mornings I lay the and think, pray & try to fall back asleep but this morning I played a game a solitaire on my phone. In the beginning I had a red cards before me & for the first half of the deck I still had made no moves. Finally I was able to start moving some cards & the game was beginning to go my way. Eventually I got to the point of stacking my cards & needed to get a few crucial ones to win the game. Then there was this. I could move one of 2 kings over to an empty spot to reveal the one card under each king, but I had to choose which one. I did move one & the card underneath did not help me at all. I would have lost the game if I continued to play. It was at that moment I noticed the UNDO button. I could undo the move I just made & make the move that actually mattered. The king I needed to move to win the game. I did undo my move & did move that king & won my game of solitaire.
It was still to early to get up so as I put my phone down I felt accomplished but grateful for that simple small undo button. I began to think of how many times in my life I needed an undo button. How many times my road forked & I made a choice only to find out after a few moves it was the wrong one! Of course, there is no such thing. As an undo button.
Jesus Christ offers us an undo button. No it will not erase the choice we made & set us back to the moment back in time. But it will begin to lay before us the moves we need to make & in the end we will win the game! Even better He offers a HINT button. He will direct your path & show you what ti do. Just trust in Him today & read His word for your next move!

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