Wednesday, October 10, 2012

to be like ruth~

yesterday morning i took a special lady to the billy graham library for her to experience it for the first time. she at one point in  her life watched the billy graham crusades and came to know the Lord through his ministry. that was years ago & now leads a life full of fruitful ministry herself.

i love ruth graham, i feel a connection to her...pastors wife, five children, and things much deeper than the obvious. i have studied her, read about her, long to be more like her. i mentioned this to my sweet friend as we approached the memorial garden for ruth. she is buried there on site. as i spoke these words, "oh if i could only be more like ruth" she interrupted and said, "God says, oh I want you to be just like elizabeth."

yes, yes He does! why have i always tried to live my life like someone else? as a child i wanted to be a grown up, as a pre-teen i wanted to drive a car, kiss a boy, wear make up, then as a high schooler i always wanted to be someone else. someone with better hair, better clothes, a better laugh, bluer eyes, no freckles. the list was endless! i never knew He loved me just the way He made me. that in those moments i was elizabeth. i was not created to be or act like someone else.

even now as a believer i struggle with this. the "if i could be" always creeps up on me. if i could be more like her as a mother, if i could be just like that wife...

my husband has a favorite verse & uses it often.

ephesians 2:10

for we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

my husband breaks down the part of We are His workmanship, other translations say masterpiece. i am a masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus!

{a the graham home}

a masterpiece!

i am elizabeth~ a masterpiece in Christ Jesus!

you are too!


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