Monday, October 15, 2012

the h family~

this family is very special to ours. upon our release from levine children's hospital our libby claire was not really drinking fluids. she was re-learning how to eat & drink. one thing she loved at the hospital was the "pellet" ice. she would chew on it & therefor get her fluids. we called around everywhere to find this special no avail. someone in our small town mentioned the fire department had that special ice. sure enough they did! chris {the dad} works as a fire fighter for our fire department. he was our hook up for the ice! and lynn {the mom} would bring the ice in huge coolers by our house whenever we needed it. sounds like a small thing, but this pellet ice kept libby claire from getting dehydrated & also was perfect for her oral sensory after her traumatic brain injury. read more here. they always been supportive & encouraging to our family.
thank you h family & the fire department~

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