Monday, October 1, 2012

libby claire update

i should have written this friday but i took our oldest daughter to charleston for a cousins baby shower, so fun!

friday we took libby claire to see dr. matthews. i know he thinks she looks great & is doing great...but he is a man of few words {and great might not be one of them} but she really is doing great!

once again, her bone is growing slowly so no surgery for now. yay! we also have no scans as of now. yay! we will go back to dr. matthews and see him in feburary. so that means a whole fall, all the holidays with no doctor appointments. so thankful!

please continue to pray for her! she has started big girl school and after our first few weeks of major anxiety we have all settled in to the new routine. kryponite {the prostetic material} in libby claires head is still not widely used on the medical market. please pray for that material in her body. libby claire is still in speech and will now get speech 3 times a week. awesome!!

thank you for checking in on her & for lifting our family up~



ps. this weekend while my husband spoke at a church in charlotte a lot of you asked if i will start writing again. i will so check back here.

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