Thursday, April 19, 2012

trust or bust

isaiah 26:3
"thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee"

welcome back to the blogging world i am saying to myself! yes, i have been away but for good reason, i am the blessed mother of 5 very, very busy kiddos. honestly, feeling i have no time at all. so welcome back-

isaiah is my favorite book in the bible. i do not read the king james version of the bible much i am an ESV or NLT kinda girl, even throwing in a little NIV to mix it up. but this verse, oh this verse. it can not be read in any other than KJV.

tomorrow morning matt & i will take libby claire to levine to get checked in. there i am sure we will be greeted with her wagon & bright faces from the familiar staff at the hospital. and she could not be more thrilled to be there. she is excited to see dr. matthews, the jumping water fountains & all that comes along with being the center of everyone's attention at levine. libs will be put to sleep for her CT scans. her appointment is for 2 hours for scans. we have done them in the past & have not had to put her to sleep but i am thinking this will take longer. once we are finished she will go to recovery, wake up & then we will head to dr. matthews office to discuss our options. surgery options-

i found a picture of our 3 older kids. it was the traditional studio style photo, white on white. we have said how much lc is looking like maggie at that age but her huge forehead jades her resemblance a bit. i wanted to take some pictures to show dr. matthews what i believe libs would look like with her regular forehead not the prosthetic material she has now. btw- follow me on instagram @emcgarity.  when i did i was amazed at the similarities of my girls. they are beautiful & so a like. but so different!

the other day i was rolling our trash can in from the road & i noticed the pop of a green stem coming from beside our garage. i could not believe it...the pumpkin plant was back. read more here. every year without fail since 2009 we have had this random volunteer pumpkin plant grow & grow in abundance. we have even gotten a pumpkin from it. the fall after libby claires hospitalization we all got pumpkins & let our children cut them on the driveway. of course it was a mess & there were seeds everywhere. we just sprayed it off with the hose & even swept some into the bed beside our garage. every year since we have had this pumpkin vine. i have written about it before & it always pops up at such a providential time. this day rolling my trash cans in was the perfect day to see it. i had just hung up the phone from pre-anesthesia from the hospital to answer the load of questions they always have.
in that moment i stopped & reminded myself of God's faithfulness. i reminded myself to put my trust solely in Him! He is ever faithful. i will be kept in perfect peace because i trust in Him & my mind will be on Him today & tomorrow.

so look out for your pumpkin stem today & remind yourself of that perfect peace that you will find only in Him, then pick up the KJV even if it is not the one you usually read.

thank you for praying for us tomorrow & for lifting libby claire up.

<3 elizabeth

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