Monday, April 23, 2012

how to save a life

so we had a blood drive at our church sunday. it was awesome. actually was my first time giving blood. i know, i know. i have always been pregnant or nursing & it just sunday seemed right. i am not scared of needles or blood so it wasn't the fear factor it just had never been a priority or convenient. a friend texted me saturday night & asked if i was giving blood sunday. i was embarrassed to say no & i should have been. so i said sign me up! we did it together, which helped a lot~!

well, it could not have been easier. the only pain was the paperwork & questions. that was the longest part. then you sit back relax & in a few minutes you are finished.

in my mind i have always played these scenarios out-
what if i come upon a car crash & can save someone from the burning car, rescue a person from a house fire, save a drowning swimmer, do the Heimlich maneuver on a fellow diner at a restaurant- it goes round & round. but today there was not doubt in my mind that i saved a life. i possibly saved 3 lives. i will say that again.


someone like libby claire needed my blood & i was too busy or too scared to donate in the past. that is the case no more.

DONATE NOW! go to this site & find a place near you-

i gave blood, got a free tshirt & my kids gave me a mustache~
it couldn't be easier to save a life or 3!



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