Tuesday, November 30, 2010

baby steps!

finn was three days from turning 10 months old & has taken baby steps. he will take 3-4 steps by himself. while unloading the dishwasher i let him play with the plastic pitcher. he found a way to push it around & walk behind it. we now get it out & he will walk all over.

finn"ise" the menace

look what i found?
finn got busted. i was cooking dinner the other night. i went into the half bath downstairs to find finn playing with the plant in the toilet. notice the dirt on his chest...
he was so proud-

our little (Dennis) finn the menace-

Thursday, November 25, 2010


this thanksgiving we went to my mom's house. we had cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends from near & far. the amazing guests we had were my grandparents. they traveled with my aunt & uncle from southern florida. a trip that matt & i make & know how long & hard it is.

i look at my grandfather & grandmother with kind eyes. it seems like yesterday i would go and stay with them durnig the summer.

Monday, November 22, 2010

my mint nutty buddy

beau went to the grocery store with me the other afternoon. for a treat he got to pick out the dessert we were going to have after dinner that night...big deal dessert is at our house. great motivation tool & always keeps behavior in check during the week. he chose a variety box of nutty buddy ice cream cones. score-it even had the mint chocolate covered ones...but only three in the box. after dinner maggie went to the freezer & picked her fudge filled nutty buddy, libs got the same. i think it was more the purple writing on the wrapper than it was the fudge filling, girls! i followed by getting myself a mint chocolate dipped one. beau perked up at the table & mac was already getting out of his seat. it really was a mad dash to the freezer for a mint cone. mac got one & beau got one- there were no more mint cones left. matt of course went to the freezer pouting because he knew he got a plain vanilla nutty buddy. upon his return to the table we had all opened and begun to enjoy the joy of eating of our chosen dessert. i know matt loves mint ice cream anything. i could tell, not to mention his complaints about getting shafted out of his favorite dessert that he really wanted a mint one-not plain vanilla. so what does a good wife do? what does a good christian wife do? what does a Godly woman do?

i offered my mint chocolate dipped cone over to my husband. i totally was expecting him to refuse & go ahead and let me enjoy my already opened dessert, but NO, he took it right out of my hands. then on top of that he relished every last bite even saying how amazing it was. in my face. i was left with the stinking vanilla cone.

while watching this unfold i could not really tell where my heart was. on one hand i knew i should have openly & freely given it to matt. i mean i offered it. i could have very well have kept my mouth shut & savored every bite of my mint cone. after all, i got it first. better yet, our boys could have given their father their cone. he should be in charge...getting what he wants. our boys didn't buy them. i kept saying in my mind that i should be able to give & give happily. it is just a little ice cream cone. i can even go out and buy more tomorrow if i want one that bad. how ridiculous that i am still thinking he should have refused or even why am i going round
& round over a silly ice cream cone. that was not Godly. secretly i pouted while i finished my plain jane cone-

once the kiddos all got put in bed i began to think on that scenario of the mint chocolate dipped cone. it all flooded me as i was writing. matt's best friend chris passed on thursday of last week. hard weekend...amanda chris's wife asked me to embody chris in writing. mighty task. i was humbled & honored to be asked. as i wrote words about this blameless godly man i was thrown back to my dessert. my choice at the table. i offered & gave my prized ice cream cone. it looked and seemed to be sincere but in my heart i really wanted to keep it. i was convicted about how many times i have offered, given, followed through only because i needed to or it would be the right thing to do. or even the times i offered only hoping & wishing the other person would refuse.

what kind of person does that? as my heart wrote words to sum up the life & ministry of chris brown i learned something so amazing. from now on i will spend my days in service. chris was a servant. whole hearted, giving freely, never asking because it was the right thing to do. i will take form chris a true selflessness. a sacrifice, yes, but such a heart reward. he was Christ like in everyway.

today i look at what happened around our dinner table with a new frame of mind. yes, i wanted my mint nutty buddy. i shopped for it, paid for it, unloaded it out of the grocery bag, planned on eating it for dessert, even got up & got it for myself. i unwrapped it...i wanted it. but looking across the table i saw matt who wanted it also. he needed it more than i did. he looked sad with his little plain vanilla nutty buddy. i gave mine to him.

plain & simple, I GAVE.

& i plan to do it more often & a lot more of it...freely & expecting nothing!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

new chef in town

i have a little chef in my kitchen-

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

seriously beautiful!

i had to take this picture the other day.these are the trees over our house. they are amazing. the color is unreal!

brotherly love

"we shared the same last name & same color eyes.
we fought like tigers over that old red bike.
i battin' first & you can't use my glove.
it wouldn't take long till push came to shove.
but we looked out for each other with
brotherly love-
there's one bond that brothers know,
and it gets stronger as they grow.
a love that time & miles can't get between.
we disagreed but in the end,
there will never be two closer friends.
and brotherly love is something we all need."
keith whitley

daddy & mama

sometimes the daddy & the mama don't make it on the blog- so here we are.
(yes, we were getting kids out of the car)

and had to throw this one in there too-

amazing girl!

chorus concert

the boys school had a chorus concert to show parents what they are learning. i was able to make it to beau's concert. he did a great job.
i promise i took more pictures but this was my favorite of beau...priceless!

two little peas again

our two peas again

free to be 3!

i wish i had more pictures to post from libby claire's BIG day. it was a whirlwind~
she enjoyed a day full of celebrating! we started the morning off with doughnut holes with candles. she got a jumpie full of balls, a radioflyer roller coaster, fancy nancy, buzz & jessie!
she was so busy i hardly could get a picture in. so these will have to do-
happy 3rd birthday libby claire!
what girl doesn't want a rainbow of bead necklaces!

our fancy nancy in her jumpie!

she calls her presents "prizes"
i just love that-

wedding fun!

matt's cousin will go married the other weekend. it was a beautiful wedding & the reception was a blast. it was our big kids first wedding they have been to. i had to post a few of the pictures from the reception.

maggie got to play with her cousin cabble. the girls were so cute dancing.

matt & the groom-

as you can see from the picture below, they had a so much fun.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

restoration & redemption

1. an act of redeeming or the state of being redeemed. 2. deliverance; rescue. 3. Theology. deliverance from sin; salvation. 4. atonement for guilt. 5. repurchase, as of something sold. 6. paying off, as of a mortgage, bond or note. 7. recovery
1.the act of restoring;renewal, revival or reestablishment. 2. the state or fact of being restored. 3. a return of something to a former, original, normal or unimpaired condition. 4. restitution of something taken away or lost. 5. something that is restored, as by renovating.

have you ever passed the old run down abandoned buildings & thought how sad. i recently spent some time thinking on these buildings.

once full of life, a business or a home. the people that would come and go on a daily basis. the things made in the building or memories made in that home. it was an address. it had identity. if it were a mill or factory it had purpose. would manufacture items, ship them out, supply something. workers would come in, produce.

if a home...a family was once inside the walls. it would have been decorated. possibly children born in the home, raised in that now empty house. life happened in the house.
i can imagine the hustle and bustle of both. a vital part of whatever community or neighborhood it was in.

now all that is left is an empty shell of once was. the vitality gone, life absent. windows eventually become broken out, doors & walls cave in. the weeds seep in & overtake the walls. it is unkempt & abandoned. lifeless. how desperate it looks for care. the building sad and empty.
soon a for sale sign goes up- a promise of sorts.

there is hope. it will get cleaned out. fixed up. the walls repaired, new windows & doors. weeds pulled & eventually flowers will begin to grow. restoration will come. redemption. one day it will begin to produce again, one day.

-there is a greater HOPE.

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