Tuesday, October 26, 2010

normal cloudy day

i am so sorry i have not posted in a long time. i was at a few church events, the grocery store & even a gas station & have been asked the same question over & over. how is libby claire? you have not written in so long. no news is good news!

2 corinthians 4: 8-10

we are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed & broken. we are perplexed, but we don't give up & quit. we are hunted down, but God never abandons us. we get knocked down, but we get up & keep going. though suffering, these bodies of ours constantly share in the death of Jesus so that the life of Jesus may also be in our bodies.

why most of our "God revelations" happen in the car on the way to school i have no idea. this morning was no different. it was cloudy & misting rain when we drove this morning. mac said something more deep than i think he realized & it spoke so to my heart. he explained that even when the rain clouds are hovering over us, they are constantly moving away from us. then on top of that even if the storm clouds are thick there is a blue sky on top. you can't see it but it is there. beau added that it was just like Jesus. always there. above it all. holy cow! am i a blessed mama or what? they were so true, so right.

i was reading this morning a came to this verse. how clearly it described our last year and a half. if you are just coming across this blog please visit our caringbridge to get updated. i can only take encouragement & comfort in these words from this verse. how true, so right! we all come to places like this were we feel hunted down, crushed, perplexed. we are knocked down. as a believer & know i am not alone, i am not abandoned. i will not give up, i am not broken. i will constantly share in the death of my Jesus so His life can be seen in my body!

yes, these days since libs was cleared from her surgery have been wonderful. our family has finally enjoyed some normal family time. libby claire has been able to run, play, climb, play in the chick-fil-a playset, jump on her bed...you name it...she has done it. we have sheltered her for so long. it was a hard at first to trust that her head really was hard & she could fall or bump or even bang & she would be fine. a few things different about her little "fake" head. weird as they are-

  • her skull is chilly, almost cold where her natural bone stops & the kryptonite starts, strange!

  • the times she has bumped her head she doesn't get a goose egg or even a bump, weird!

  • it has all settled now & it is a little lopsided, unique!

  • she no longer says "boo-boo" & points to her head, amazing!

she has returned to preschool like normal. she loves every minute of it. she still has therapy twice a week. we are going to add another speech day soon so that will be a little busier than now but she loves miss barb & really looks at it like a playday. libby claire has started dance & squeals with delight on dance days. she is precious in her leotard & tutu. libby claire is a "healthy girl" so squeezing her into that outfit makes it even more precious. she sucks in when we slide her tights on. so funny! one day we will put limits on her but watching our girl go from a normal weight down to 19lbs last year was hard. then watching the pain of relearning to swallow, eat from a bottle, then on to foods. wow, we have come a long way in a year & half. so if libs wants snacks & lunch & then dessert...she gets it!

brain injury is a tricky thing. in most cases she is a normal almost 3 year old but in some we are still working out "kinks."

please continue to lift us up as we are not sure when the next surgery will be. (hopefully, 3 or 4 years) but we never know.

pray for:

libs speech

our family

our other kiddos

our ministry

our relevant church

release from fear & anxiety

thank you for reading & following our libby claire. God has BIG plans for her. & obviously all our chitlens! watch & see!

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