Monday, September 6, 2010

surgery update

first i need to apologize for not updating sooner. libby claire has done amazingly well.
this picture was taken at 5am when we got checked into levine children's hospital. she was so happy & excited to be out & about!
we went to the pre-op floor & played with toys,met with the surgeons, & got into a hospital gown & had vitals checked. libby claire needed to take versid to get her a little sleepy & loopy so she would go with the nurse back to the OR. that back fired. she spit the medicine out everywhere. so when the time came she was carried back with her pabby, huggums, silkie & night night.

in the PACU with mama

one day post surg

2 days post surg

4 days post surg.
thanks for praying for me!
we did not take any pictures the 3rd day. it was difficult. her eyes were swollen shut & she was not doing so great. libby claire is a week & a half out from surgery date & is doing fantastic. she has played on the playset, started eating again, feeling better, off tylenol, & ready to face the world with her new hard head.
i do not have long to write & will post the whole surgery story, as she did excellent! God moved His hand once again & we have a tale to tell. check back soon. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR LIBBY CLAIRE, HER DOCTORS, & OUR FAMILY!

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