Sunday, September 19, 2010

business in front,party in back

i look a little rough but & i am doing great!

psalm 86:12

with all of my heart i will praise you, o Lord my God, i will give glory to your name forever.

libby claire's surgery went as planned. the night before we gathered together & prayed for her. knowing matt & i would not sleep we spent the night semi-awake, semi-asleep. mac, beau,maggie & finn slept wonderful. we woke libby claire up around 4:40am to load up in the car. mima & papa came to the house to get everyone else ready for school.

we arrived at levine around 5:15. like libby claire she made a grand entrance. all our ladies at the front desk remembered who she was & she got the royal treatment. of course, a wagon ride to the pre-op floor!

we met with the doctors, surgeons, nurses & all before she was taken back. they normally give the kiddos some versid before they take them so they become sleepy & a little loopy. well, our girl spit it all out. i should say spewed it. she then followed by saying "uckie." we were a apprehensive about her willingly leaving us & going with someone in doctor garb. like our pips she was very social, playful, engaging everyone in the pre-op. until dr. mclanahan came in to visit for our pre-op. she must have had just a little bit of the versid take effect b/c she was abnormally agitated. her arms were flying about, just acting...well, weird. he asked a bunch of questions and all our answers were "no." but, she was displaying all the behavior he was asking about. she "showed out." of course!

it was time-dr.matthews was in the pre-op room with us when they wrapped libby claire in a warm blanket & off to the OR. when we said bye & had our last kisses i began to cry. when i looked into dr. matthews eyes he began to tear up to. how compassionate. what a blessing it is to have him as our surgeon! we had no more questions & so once again we were left in a pre-op room alone. virginia, our fav nurse took us to the waiting area. God is so about the details. virginia was our PACU nurse after libs last surgery. this time she was our pre-op nurse. just from talking we learned that virginia's husband is in seminary with matt at gordon-conwell. he came to the waiting area to meet with us & pray. i must say he is great at calming the heart with chit chat. our beloved kenny, another pastor on staff with matt at RHCC, came to sit as well. when kenny is with you so is Jesus. He is written all over kenny. the trainer fam, and a few others were there with us. the in & out, deep prayers & updating facebook kept us busy during the almost 6 hours. they did bring us her hair they shaved again. hints the return of the semi-mullet. business in front, party in back!

dr.matthews came out holding a kryptonite button for us. he had done it! but the most awesome part was he said HE had really done it! libby claire had been the youngest patient to get the material...prosthetic bone in her skull. he affirmed all we had hoped & believed. while the trainer family was with us we prayed. tony prayed specifically that God would guide dr.matthews hands, she would recovery quickly, not need to be in the PICU, and also not need the 2nd part of this 2 part surgery. well, He is so faithful! dr.matthews repeated with precision exactly what we had prayed a few hours before. yes, he said God was with him the whole time in the OR & guided his every move, she did not even need to be in the PICU, she could go straight to the progressive floor & libby claire would not need part 2 until maybe january! GOD IS SO GOOD, ALL THE TIME!

recovery was easy until thursday evening. her eyes began to swell shut, she pulled out iv's, tubes & such. she wouldn't really eat or drink. libby claire was restless & would not fall asleep. she would say "scary." to not go into to many details, it was bad. we did make it to CT scan with her. matt again got to lay on top of libs holding her & so she would sit still. the hospital archives all scan done & so we were able to get a disc with all of the x-rays, MRI's & CT scans she has had. we have looked through a few. wow, there was a lot of scans done to our little one. really neat to see the pictures of the then fractured skull that almost ended her life, to the bone flap removed, then replaced, then reabsorbed, crazy!

we were discharged & even with swollen eyes & face she seemed to want to swing on the swingset & we even let her climb to the top to slide. from the moment we returned home she has been full libby claire typical speed!

in teaching on wednesday nights at the church our first bible verse i had for everyone to memorize for the week was psalm 86:11. but keep reading to 86:12. i will give glory to your name forever!

libby claire started preschool at our church. the first day she came running out with matt to the car. she was so proud of the picture she had painted. it was a mess of colors, not one bit in the lines. she kept saying "look, paint." she was so eager to share her treasure with me. i was so happy, took the painting put it on the front of the fridge & gave her a huge squeeze. i could not have kissed her & said thank you enough. she was mine & even in the mess of paint, all in & out of the perfect black lines, off the page painting it was, it was hers.

we are God's. even in our mess, imperfectness, out of all the black lines, off the page, our paints all running together craziness, we are His. regardless He will scoop us up & call us His own.

thank you for praying for libby claire, her doctors, surgeons & team. we are well on the road to recovery & are enjoying a hard head! if you are just happening on our site please go to: for full details on our story! we love to share how God showed up, stood faithful & true. He shed mercy & grace over our girl. she is a miracle!

Monday, September 6, 2010

good heavens 11!

where have the years gone?
mac is 11!
baseball cupcake cake

tricked by the trick candles.

silly brothers.

birthday group :)

we love you mac mac!

surgery update

first i need to apologize for not updating sooner. libby claire has done amazingly well.
this picture was taken at 5am when we got checked into levine children's hospital. she was so happy & excited to be out & about!
we went to the pre-op floor & played with toys,met with the surgeons, & got into a hospital gown & had vitals checked. libby claire needed to take versid to get her a little sleepy & loopy so she would go with the nurse back to the OR. that back fired. she spit the medicine out everywhere. so when the time came she was carried back with her pabby, huggums, silkie & night night.

in the PACU with mama

one day post surg

2 days post surg

4 days post surg.
thanks for praying for me!
we did not take any pictures the 3rd day. it was difficult. her eyes were swollen shut & she was not doing so great. libby claire is a week & a half out from surgery date & is doing fantastic. she has played on the playset, started eating again, feeling better, off tylenol, & ready to face the world with her new hard head.
i do not have long to write & will post the whole surgery story, as she did excellent! God moved His hand once again & we have a tale to tell. check back soon. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR LIBBY CLAIRE, HER DOCTORS, & OUR FAMILY!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

rhcc preschool

libby claire is off to preschool.
they all started last week but libs was not ready to go because of her recovery time.
she will be there soon.
miss tracy & miss sheri

praying before snacks

sweetest girl!

ballerina girls

maggie & libby claire are starting dance!

dancing girls

wonder woman

i am feeling better! thanks for praying for me!

i am wonder woman-

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