Friday, August 6, 2010

finn finn

precious boy!
believe it or not finn is really sick in these pictures. he started running a low fever but seemed to be in his normal great mood. so i just waited until day 3. he still had the fever. i took him to the peds & he had an ear infection & it had ruptured his ear drum. poor guy :(
we would have never guessed...he never stopped laughing or smiling.
so here is our happy little guy at 6 months old-
he loves babyfood & eats 3 meals a day, sits for a minute or two but topples over, crusises in his walker, snuggles with his dino & silkie, & loves his thumb.
finn never cries, smiles all day & can belly laugh now. he is really super ticklish.

it took 5, but one of our kiddos has my blue eyes. & also my dads blues.
he is james after my dad, figures he would look just like him, have the same strawberry blond hair & blue eyes.

already a state fan, loves big brother beau's hat

just the same :)

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