Friday, August 20, 2010

5 days!

little miss at pre-op

5 days-

the official count down. we all know surgery is coming. not only on the calendar, in our minds, but in our home. it never fails stress brings out the crazies in matt & myself. so far, we cleaned & organized our garage, recovered a chair ourselves, steam cleaned all the carpets, painted our huge 2 story entry hall & up the stairs & the hall upstairs, folded & reorganized our closets, stayed up till midnight then wake up at 4am not going back to sleep. he rolls over then i roll over...all morning till 6:30 comes around.

luckily, the kids started school this week. which is good. they will be busy & out of the house while we are occupied at the hospital with libs. mima ( my mom) will have finn the whole time we are away. basically, "on-call" for the kids. matt & i plan to switch off this time. he will spend the night with libby claire, then i will. that way one parent will be at home with the big kids & baby. hopefully, they can stay on schedule, homework done & good meals. somewhat normal. it is hard for mac, beau & maggie to not know what is going on. we explain the surgery the best we can but they only remember the length & horrible stay we had in florida. we try to compare it to the surgery she had in September of last year but they only remember that we were not around for mac's birthday. urg...not good!

pre-op went great. i again didn't feel well that morning. i blamed matt's driving as we made our way up to the hospital but he didn't feel so hot either. weird how your body works. inside we are so confused. excited & hopeful that these 2 next surgeries will be it for our baby girl but dreading the whole process. it is horrendous what she has to do. opened wide open, foreign putty like mess put in her head, jammed right up against her brain, left to harden, central line, iv's, tape, diapers, blood drainage bulbs, possibly a lumbar csf drain. ugly, dreaded medical crap! but on the other hand awesome! our hard headed one will really have a hard head. finally, she will be able to play on a playground, ride a scooter, jump off of the coffee table onto the sofa, run like a mad man throughout the house, climb on & over everything and anything. she will be let off the leash, so to speak. we have protected, worried, stressed long enough. we are ready for her to be a normal 2 1/2 year old, she is ready!

in true libby claire style she had everyone at levine wrapped around her finger. we walked in & got checked in at the front desk. of course, they all remembered who she was. we made our way to the 5th floor, surgery floor. as we walked in our favorite face...virginia. she was our PACU nurse in september. she got us all checked in, we met with anesthesia, then off to bloodwork. they laughed & remembered who she was too. commented on how busy, friendly, & fast she was & still is. she had them in stitches. we finished up with lunch in the cafe & headed home. it was good to have that behind us but sad that levine is so familiar to us. i love it there but wish we didn't know everyone there & never had to go there.

next week will bring more pre-op doctor appointments. then we will get all packed up tuesday night then head up to the hospital around 5 am. she will be given versid as i hold her. i hope she falls asleep this time. last surgery she was awake when they took her to the OR, it just makes it harder seeing her go when she is awake. the start time is somewhere between 6:30 and 7am. then the waiting game. once surgery is over we wil go to the PACU to see her. then to the PICU. we expect the recovery to be the same for this surgery as the last. it will take her a day or so to really wake up.

thank you for checking in & the continuous prayers. prayers to pray:

  • for her surgeons dr. matthews & dr.mclanahan

  • for the OR staff

  • for no side effects of anesthesia (she got sick last time)

  • for the kryptonite (material put in her missing skull part)

  • for our children to be at peace & confidant while all this is going on

  • for little finn

  • for matt & myself, just pray for fear, peace, stress, time, trust, work, driving to & from, our family being apart at night, & matt for the mornings he has to fix maggie's hair for school! haha

our psalm 121 & psalm 37!


our pumpkin plant has a pumpkin! crazy!

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