Tuesday, July 27, 2010


over the summer we have noticed that there has been some strange little plants popping up beside our driveway. crazy these little things are very hardy & grow like crazy. they began to bloom. at some point we were digging around trying to figure out what these little plants were. well, we founds tons of pumpkin seeds in the pine needles. the kids carved their pumpkins on the driveway & we ended up sweeping the seeds off into the beds beside the driveway. well, now we have pumpkin plants.
they start out poking out of the seed. then a shoot comes up with 2 perfect round green leaves. the base of the plant that is attached to the root is thick & strong. it begins to grow & grow fast. the vine becomes long, twisty, with leaves everywhere. it literally grows overnight. then we would see little buds on the vines. they would bloom into beautiful yellow flowers. we watered them. put some fertilizer on them. they would open up & soak in the sun. mac & i looked up pumpkin plants because we never noticed any pumpkins or even the start of one. i thought it needed to be closer to fall & then they would grow but come to find out they are sterile. some pumpkin plants or plants in general never bear fruit. never, ever bear fruit.
i plucked up a hand full & trashed them. now we only have a few growing. they are pointless to have. yes, now we admire the flowers & they still get watered every once in a while but they will never have pumpkins.
i got thinking about my life as a believer. was i a pumpkin plant who was sterile or do i bear fruit. i never imagined myself as a missionary or craving seeing someone come to faith for the 1st time. born again, crazy Jesus freak! i also was NOT a preacher's wife. well, that one came back to bite me. slowly, i have started to feel sterile. yes, i am raising my children as true disciples of Christ, & i do write about faith & live out loud but i am feeling that i am missing the fruit. i am beginning to want more. i need to do more. so during this time i am going to be watered daily by the word, feed by the Spirit, & watch as my vine grows strong & sturdy. soon the leaves will come. then when i do have a beautiful yellow bloom it will become & pumpkin & i will bear fruit.
He has planted the seed in me & i am ready to grow. i want to see what He will bring forth.
Are you a sterile pumpkin plant?

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