Friday, July 2, 2010

coat tails worth ridin'

here the girls are ready to head to disney!
libby claire normally doesn't like to be in anyone's shadow. but we took the girls to disney to celebrate maggie's 7th birthday. coats tails worth riding, i'd say.

one bad thing about going in july is that the characters are not out and about in the park. it is way too hot. they only do parades & preformances. :(

so tired i have to hold my eyes open-
libby claire started this around 2pm. she needed to stay awake!!!

2 year old who should be napping...give her mickey stickers


happy birthday princess!
1-spray fan $17
2-princess confetti hair do's $20
matt's face caught on camera-priceless

i love this one~

sweet sisters in the parking lot

jammies on leaving the parking lot. long day of fun!

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