Thursday, June 3, 2010

the worker man

watchin' the work-

weeks ago when they started clearing a lot in our cul-de-sac a "worker man" waved to libby claire, who is always on the front porch watching the construction. he was a big guy, middle aged, & had the kindest smile. the one that reveals his heart...from the inside out. he then asked, "how's our girl?" huh? turns out last summer his church had heard of libby claire & had been praying fervently for her & our family. he has been keeping up with her for the last year. the end of last summer my parents were here & the same man was working in the neighborhood & stopped just to check in on our libs.

libby claire loves the worker men. she watches them, waves to them & says "hey" a million times. relentless, until they finally pay attention to her. but not this guy. he is eager to wave, eager to smile. so not the norm! it deeply touches me to know that this man petitioned God, was brought to his knees, pained for our little girl. unreal!

Christ has been revealed to us by so many people. in a world where He is said to be unknown...distant...not the reality...dated...He is not. He is in the worker mans heart. someone totally gave to us. not knowing us or ever meeting our libby claire. that is the nature & heart of our God.

one who deserves to be known...who is the reality...never dated...HE IS!

i think libby claire knows that worker man in some weird way. she reads into his waves & smiles. almost knowing of the prayers, concern & care. two of a kind. as mismatched as the two are. a little 2 year old girl with pig tails & this worker man, just the same in His eyes.

i plan on being just like those 2-
on my knees fervent in prayer for someone else & relentless to show others Christ!

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