Sunday, June 13, 2010

she's scrappy!

matt was in class all weekend & last night was sermon prep night & so i had some time by myself, once all the kiddos had gone to bed. i have a birthday scrapbook for the kids. each child's birthday has a page. love the creative outlet of scrapping but i am not going to kid myself i have no time to pour into the pages the way i would love. so a birthday album it is. that way 5 times a year i sit & put together a page devoted to that child, that year. it lives in the cabinet in our bedroom. along side is a hot pink big scrapbook matt's sister gave libby claire for her second birthday. for me to one day fill the pages of her journey. the pages are stark white...only a few filled with well wishes & blessings from those who celebrated her 2nd birthday with us. i pulled it out & flipped through the blank pages. i have packed everything away. not ready to go through them, yet.

upstairs in the playroom closet are boxes of everything that we kept from last summer. all the cards, letters, prayer blankets, crosses, ornaments, t shirts, magnets, prayer boxes, hospital cards, hospital bracelets, our libby claires hair, a diaper, newspapers from all over telling of the libby claire story, a bag i still can't unpack, business cards, referrals, pictures, lists of medicines, anything & everything from that time in our lives is upstairs. packaged away perfectly.

as is opened each box, it all fell upon me. the mix of emotions flooded again. letter after letter, prayer after prayer, cross after all came back.

i have not been able to fill those blank pages. her journey is not over. she is not complete yet. her bone that was placed back in september completely absorbed. we saw dr.mclanahan last tuesday. he says she is "looking good." we are not sure what her neuroplasticity will be. basically, that is when the healthy brain assumes the injured brain functions. more therapy is added to our week. we are going in the next few weeks for a new helmet. tuesday we will meet with the therapist to add to her ISP, physical therapy. she has started to turn her toes inward, even tripping over them. this wednesday she will have an appointment with dr.matthews, her craniofacial "bone" doctor. hopefully, to see if the vit D is helping the skull bone to re-grow. then thursday we will be off to levine children's hospital for a brain ultra-sound. the scheduler asked if she needed sedation during the process. she obviously doesn't know libby claire. so we will try without sedation & pray that she will sit still. all other times matt has been able to be laying across her, snuggling with her to keep her calm. i don't think he can go back this time. hopefully, with this scan we will know a little bit more of her brain injury or lack there of!

we are asking for more prayer, relentless prayer, petition our Lord again on behalf of our daughter. in Jesus name:

  • pray for her bone to regrow, strong & hard...layer by layer

  • pray for her brain to be healing

  • pray for her neuroplasticity

  • pray for her therapies

  • pray for her speech

  • pray for all her doctors

  • pray for the vit D to help
  • pray for her safety (with the skull bone missing, every bump or fall could be devastating)

one letter i came across i remember made us laugh when we were at all children's. someone said "libby claire can do this if anyone can...she is scrappy." well she is. seemed fitting since i was digging through the boxes wanted to get organized to start this scrapbook journey. i have the hot pink scrapbook out now. i am going to scrap away, remembering it all. as i cut, paste, color & create each page. i am going to pray over every page. i will pray abounding blessings for each person who gave of themselves for libby claire & our family, each prayer, cross, prayer blanket, letter, card, meal, vigil, picture, everyone.

i am ready for the pages to be filled with the wonderful miracle of our libby claire.

john 14: 13-14
i will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. you may ask me for anything in my name, & I WILL DO IT!

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