Monday, June 7, 2010

miss priss is 7!

happy 7th birthday to our precious girl!

maggie you have made us who we are today. every moment we spend with you we learn from look at the bright side, laugh from the very bottom of our bellies, give of ourselves freely, put the other person first, goofiness is always best, true beauty comes from within, footloose & fancy free!

we love you!

happy birthday to maggie! we are going to DISNEY!

the grandparents are awesome-

maggie got her ticket to disney from meme & pops
mima & papa are going to keep the 3 boys while we take just the girls on a princess trip to disney!

mima took maggie on a shopping spree to justice.

while going in there was a brother sitting outside waiting for his mom & sister to finish shopping. NO BOYS ALLOWED!

we completely indulged maggie on her birthday. anything she wanted to do we went right along with. first with breakfast, she dressed however she wanted, even wore cinderella high heels out, before we left she temporary tattoo"ed" herself up, then a lunch out, off to do some shopping at justice, ears pierced, family dinner, gifts & to top it of cinderella cake :)

yes, she got her ears pierced. ahhhhhh!!!!!!

maggie got to go to the disney store & pick out some things to take on her trip to disney world!

happy 7th birthday maggie!

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