Wednesday, June 30, 2010


here is our little beach bum...
the tarpon are running. the sharks bite off the tails of the fish & then eat them later. this one washed ashore. hope we don't see any of those sharks for the weeks we are here.

here is the little bum again.

libby claire has enjoyed her favs all week. she feeds the gulls & chases them all day.

maggie loves seashells. she will search to find the smallest, most perfect shell.

finn doesn't see much of the sun. matt laughs & says he is straight off the boat from scotland. with his strawberry blond hair & fair fair skin.
i think it is a toss up for finn here. he loves the water but not his sisters old pink float.

moses & abe have made the trip to florida with us. (previously known as doc & preacher)

naptime on the beach

the peacocks are out and about. the kids always love to feed them.

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