Monday, May 31, 2010

the billy

we took the kiddos to the billy graham library. it was great to go & learn about God's call on one mans life. amazing!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


will you pray for me?
  • i had my eyes dilated to check the pressure in my brain last thursday. looks good!
  • i am having my hearing tested this tuesday at 10:30am
  • i have grown & my helmet hurts my head & my ears. so i am going to hanger to have them adjust it or maybe make me a new one. i like to wiggle out of my pink helmet!
  • i am going to see dr. mclanahan on june 8th-he is my brain doctor
  • i then will make an appointment to go see dr. matthews-he is my skull bone doctor
  • i have therapy on mondays & wednesdays
  • i am learning how to talk to tell the world all about me-pray i learn quickly...i have a lot to say!
  • say a special one for daddy, mama, mac, beau, maggie & finn finn.
more updates soon. my mama has been busy playing with us & hasn't written here lately. oh good news, she has a notebook & when God whispers to her heart she writes it down & it is slowly filling up. a book maybe? go mama go!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

preacher & doc

welcome to the family boys!
baby meet baby

mima & her new puppies

love dogs but these are the best kind- i can love them & send them home :)



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

we are here!

yes, we are still around. i have not posted because we are so super busy. here are some photos of all the crazies & poor finn is living up to being the 5th child...sadly, i seem to never pull out my camera much anymore. no free hands!
muddy neighborhood boys!

mother's day tea with libby claire at preschool

sweet baby finn off stage during jam session...

with a pick in his hands!

we have met some great bands. (more pictures to come soon)
DAY SEVEN with the mcgaritys

poor finn lives in the pink hand me downs from libby claire, luckily not clothes just the bouncy!

precious beau




libby claire

the boys saved, bought & have had brand new itouches taken away-they will earn them back soon. parenthood!

mac is now cutting the grass & doing a great job!

maggie loves to cook- cakes!

sweet feet :)

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