Monday, March 29, 2010

expect something extra

1 peter 1:3

praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! in his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
i have not driven the kids to school in some time. crawling out of bed after being up all night has been hard. i am so thankful matt can be home early in the morning to run them to school. i have missed that small amount of time because after all the hugs, kisses and our prayer for the day i was able to drive in complete silence & do what is rare around our house...just listen to the quietness.
this morning something extra happened. i felt as though i was getting ready to celebrate new year's. we have never been big about the change from one year to another. i don't know if it just has not been that important to us or that we have had babies every year (it seems) & are just too tired to stay up until midnight-sleep is to luring. i am ready for the new year. as we prepare for this week, holy week, i am preparing for the new year. it is always wild with church services each night of the week, egg hunts, ironing outfits, planting plants, spring cleaning, generally busy. during this crazy time & i am watching the new year unfold before me. how beautiful that we celebrate easter during the spring. the trees are budding, flowers are blooming, the fluorescent pink of the cherry trees. old is passed away & all things made new. (2 cor. 5:17) life is emerging right in front of all of us, just as if we stood in front of the empty tomb. jesus is saying to me happy new year. with the signs of new life, HIS life that paid for me.
last week was full of highs and lows for our family. we mourned the passing of a 3 year old who died suddenly in his sleep, the end of a dear friends marriage not by choice, and our own libby claire had her speech evaluation...which didn't go well. in the midst of all this pain i have watched Christ's presence. He cradled the little life, upheld the one full of sorrow, & revealed His promise over & over to us as parents of libs. last week was a mirror of holy week for us. but i am expecting something extra this new year. as the blooms burst forth so will our new life in this new creation. the tears & pain shared in so many different ways & levels could be a post on it's own but Jesus is saying to all of us...i, so many years ago, gave my life for your sins & i am here ALIVE. i am showing off for you in the beauty of spring. reminding you of new life...your life in ME.
gazing upward at the neon green tree tops i am celebrating my new year...our new year in the resurrected Christ! HAPPY NEW YEAR-EXPECT SOMETHING EXTRA!
libby claire's speech appointment:
she is 14 months behind where she should be (really 17 months, her b-day was wrong on the paperwork)
our plan with the speech pathologist is to teach her sign language & use communication cards. they are like flash cards with pictures to help her communicate what she needs. she will also need help building strength with her mouth & tongue. straws, thick liquids, jello, puddings...
she will also begin speech therapy on mondays.
they feel that with her injury being on the left front part of her brain that the swelling was more significant on the left side and could have delayed or damaged her speech, which is housed in the left side of the brain.
many of you have emailed or asked about her skull. the bone placed in her forehead on sept. 3rd has had significant resorbtion. there is no bone there. she is on vit D & goes to see dr. matthews tuesday march 30th.
(pales in comparison to what we have seen other families go through in the last week.)

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