Monday, February 8, 2010

geat expectations-met!

james finley mcgarity



so you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him. matthew 24: 43-44

the miracle conception, pregnancy & birth are amazing to me. only ordained & created by God-my relationship to our Father became so much more when i gave birth to our first child. all aspects baffled me, the creation, the whole process & then to fall so deeply in love with this little one you have only know for seconds. the love of a parent.

matt & i talked about the "waiting" on finn to be born as my due date creeped up on us. he compared it to the waiting on Christ to come back. how true that is. can you imagine if everyday we lived as though He was coming back. how different we would act, talk, live. as we prepared for our newest son we became ready to meet him. we decorated the nursery, bought diapers, planned our lives with him in mind. we spent months falling in love, reading about new babies, talking to our older children, going to the doctor, everything needed to be fully ready when he was born.
the waiting game-
as the last few weeks of my pregnancy slowly passed. we found ourselves packing our hospital bags, washing onsies and thinking each night as we went to bed "this could be the night." and then each morning waking saying "this could be the day." matt had his phone on at all times, i didn't venture to far from home- we were truly on alert. READY & waiting.

i am now preparing for my new waiting game. i am going to be ready. like the virgins with oil (matt 25) i have never correlated the two. waiting on the birth of our children to waiting on Christ to come back. now i look at it differently. i am preparing & planning that day. for i do not know when that day will be. i am going to set my life ready & waiting for His return.

if i only spent as much time yearning to meet our King as i did wanting to meet our son, wow! i had such great expectations of what our precious son would be like-great expectation met!

i now live in great expectation not of a son but a Father! planning & preparing for that great expectation to be met!

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