Thursday, February 25, 2010

erase this!

ephesians 4:32
be kind & compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.
i found this giant eraser in beau's bookbag the other day. i had to take a picture to remember what he wrote on it. when i asked beau about it, he said that it would be gone soon because he makes a lot of big mistakes & has to use it often. my heart melted-
i want a giant eraser also. mine would have to be enormous. sometimes i fail.
fail as a wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, mostly as a daughter of the greatest Father ever known. i make many big mistakes when it comes to my daughterhood to Him. i struggle with forgiveness for things that don't matter. when our kiddos argue or don't follow through, forget chores, make careless mistakes on school work or run in the house. if matt forgets silly things or libby claire peels her diaper off, once again, and i have to wash wet sheets, again. when i find gum wrappers under the cushions or i wash the capstick or DS game left in someone's pocket. those things drive me crazy. what small issues & mistakes that my loved one's make. i end up getting fed up & tired of the same one's repeated over & over.
when i saw the eraser & talked with beau it seemed that in that simple chunk of rubber with my precious beau's misspelled handwriting God was once again repeating His forgiveness to me. how quickly i judge, punish or fuss over the small things. if i only saw my big mistakes though His eyes & knew how quick He was to forgive me. His eraser is bigger than i can imagine & never runs out or gets used up. how badly i hurt His heart when i can't forgive. i am going from this day forward to extend the forgiveness i was given by the life of my Jesus. no longer will the small mistakes i hold onto mean so much.
i am using that giant eraser & know it will be gone very quickly & a new one will be needed for all my REALY BIG MISTAKES- & for the REALY BIG MISTAKES of others.
forgiveness is so simple an 8 year old explained it in a way i will not soon forget.

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