Wednesday, December 30, 2009

welcome 2010!

i have never wanted a year to end & a new one to begin as badly as 2009.
we have endured such highs & depth of lows. i never imagined the joy & pain that 2009 would bring. our family enjoyed normalcy until july 10th. in the blink of an eye we would never be the same. matt cradled our baby girl as she struggled to breath, i watched as they unloaded her blue body from the helicopter, she survived surgery, then the fight of her life. all the while our other children suffered in silent pain, confusion & fear for months. normalcy was something we starved for. we have walked hand in hand with Jesus in 2009. we celebrated a 10th birthday, ministry victories, doctors & more surgery, new teeth, the big girl bed, expecting a new baby, learned to hand it all over, going from dresses to blue jeans, read a book in one day, stayed up late, put off daily chores just to be together, we laughed till our sides hurt & cried until our faces stung. 2009 had us on our knees. we learned, loved & grew more this year. i welcome 2010 & we are ready for a new year!
mac- i well with pride as i write. you are stronger than any 10 year old i know. you are sweet, dependant, self sacrificing, loving, & deep. you have been a pillar for your family this year. beau & maggie looked in your eyes for comfort, we looked for that sense of humor to lighten our load. your courage has humbled me & i have learned to trust blindly from you. i pray that 2010 will bring you peace & that you will be...just a normal 10 year old...truly carefree!

beau-i love it when your eyes disappear when you smile. that face brought happiness this year. you are delightful, curious, caring, prayerful, & strong. your contentment & positive nature have saved us on many days. i have learned to find humor in each day from you & watched you reveal your heart on your knees. i pray 2010 will fulfill you & give you many more reasons to smile...your true beau smile.

maggie- my sweet girl. your tenderness has carried us all year. you are spunky, funny, sensitive, mothering, gentle, loving, our life cheerleader. your silly faces & little kisses have made each day wonderful, even on the ones unbearable. you are carefree & are wise beyond your 6 years. i have learned that leopard print does go with paisley & just holding hands can comfort your soul from you. i pray a year of faith for you in 2010. that all the answers will be whispered to your heart & that silliness will be here to stay.

libby claire- where to are our heartbeat.
there are no words to wrap up 2009 for you nor our dreams for 2010...i can only post your life verse-the meaning of your name-
libby claire
"shining light"
you're a fountain of cascading light, & you open our eyes to the light.
psalm 36:9
i love you dear one.

matt- wow! 2009! i love you so deeply after our journey this year. you have spoken with your eyes, felt with your heart & carried me through.
this is for you & these few words will describe our year-
dinosaur spit, our first good laugh in the PICU, brokenness, cinco, did you see the poo-poo? blueberries on a special morning, room 341 RMH, begging, shebrews, miracles, apple cider, tissue, psalms, the underground tunnel, bike rides, wagon trails, collector calls, peace, king size, glasses of wine, sushi waiting the birth of Christ, tears, she opened her eyes, the good kind or the stinky kind, and the grandma leg. i pray for the BIG to happen in 2010. He has wooed us this far & the best is yet to come. i wake up each day beside you, grateful more & more. i delight knowing you are mine & i am yours.

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