Monday, December 14, 2009

scrub n' scoot

on wednesdays in lake wylie the scrub n' scoot offers free car washes from 12-3 pm. you better believe that i am loading up our crew & heading to the car wash. not only is it free but our kiddos love the car wash. maggie especially loves it if they have rainbow soap. the streaks of color all fade and drip together as they clean. the bubbles cover each window & for a moment you feel like you are in an igloo or under a blanket of rainbow colored snow.hidden & protected from the outside. libby claire squeals when the first spray of water comes by her window. she likes the water but is still so unsure of the loud pounding of the water & darkness of the scrubbers. with each pass of the water she becomes more confidant that she will not get wet. mac & beau sit unfazed looking at the mechanics of the car wash & tally up the drips that come from the weather stripping in the back, back seat. everyone enjoys the air drying part of the car wash. we watch as all the water streams off of the hood, down the glass, and off the car. the streaks they leave behind disappear & we leave with a squeaky clean outside of the car.

we are all like our children when they go through the car wash. some are like my maggie. just looking forward to the rainbow of colors that they see. the beauty as the suds run together. being completely covered & hidden by the blanket of soap. there is such security in that place. just observing the colors & then kept dry from the water. what a perfect place to be...soaking it all in. most are like our libby claire. so excited & ready to roll into the car wash until the first sounds of water & the pounding of the scrubbers. terrified to get drenched. even as the sprays of waters pass by her window she is so unsure, until finally she realizes she is dry. protected by a thin sheet of glass that separates her from the cold & dampness. then she can squeal with delight. even some are like my boys. only interested in the mechanics. letting the beauty of the soap color pass them by. the way it melts together, mixing & blending. there is also no fear of the water. the only interest is in something trivial...the leaks. but the best part is that we can all enjoy that it is free. we just have to load up & go. ready & willing.

accept the free gift born for you on christmas. plan to enjoy the rainbow soap. the security of wrapping yourself in the blanket of suds, hidden from the world. even if the pounding is loud & the water wet. you will remain dry. yes, the mechanics are neat & always fun to watch work but don't let them occupy your experience. slow down & listen to the rushing water cleansing us. plan to watch the colors of the soap & prepare to be blown dry. all the streaks gone, nothing left. no dirt, no suds, no water.

wednesday will be here again & i will go to the carwash. the experience my children have there will remind me of who we all are. a little of each one is in us. we all look at it differently but the best part is it is free. we just go & get scrubbed up & cleaned up. just as He has offered to us. the complete washing...just slow down, accept it, it is truly free!

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