Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving 2009

some of the spread, yummy! took my pepcid before hand so i'm good to go!

every year we have the crazy theme picture. this year dad brought home a HUGE box of old used glasses. we got to dig through them & all got a pair we had all day.

glasses & wigs make for lots of family fun
we never seem to make it to the adult table

uncle john (post turkey) aunt jane & dad

the tres amigos, never a dull moment with this crew!
mac picked these out of the box!
mags sported her glasses & even some props

we could not get libby claire to slow down long enough for a picture

mima & papa
this photo explains how i feel after all the flash burn of the long photo session we have to have every year!
dave & sarah

uncle dave & mags went 70's theme for the night

my brothers & i always love a photo op

the best room mom ever took these pictures of maggie's class thanksgiving lunch.
thanks cor!
poor mac had 2 teeth pulled on the day before thanksgiving. i think he is just thankful for motrin. he also is thankful "for his family."

maggie is thankful "that mama didn't cut my hair & dibs hair is finally growing so she doesn't look like a boy anymore."
beau is thankful for "a lot of stuff but i can't name it all, maybe food."

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