Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the very first

when this picture was taken for our christmas card last year i never realized it's symbolism for our year to come. we have been on a path, journey, set of train tracks. at times it felt as if the train was coming our way, but we walked it together.
i would never have guessed i would be writing. i laugh to think that some of you call yourselves my "stalker." hinged on every word or waiting to check for an update on caringbridge, just for some encouragement. now when i say this is a "God thing" really is. He unveils things to me, makes me look deeper into the everyday stuff that comes my way. crazy to me that some of you want to read ramblings of a pastors wife but...only through tragedy has this happened. how joyous are we now from this side of the street. i am so thankful He is using my words to reveal Him to you. i only wish our pips did not have to go through what she did to get us to this point.

as for writing a book or devotional, i would be honored to. the time has not come yet. so for now i will do what i know & know well, BLOG. please sign in, create a google profile, & become an official follower & we will chase seagulls together. this will help me know who i am writing to & also, if & when the time comes for me to pursue writing i might have some leverage, if i have a large following. a friend told me, " don't do this for free. you could be making major money writing for a paper, devotional, or my own book deal. you could make money & could live on more than a single income (which happens to be a pastors salary) we could pay for all the medical bills with just my income." i know that He will honor this & i will only be lead by turning it over to Him.

please don't forget to become a follower on the right side of the blog. check back for more postings & also leave your comments for me below each post there will be a comment section. you encourage me & i loved reading your comments on caring bridge & so please keep them coming. i am also fed by you & your words.

thank you again for all your prayers. i of course, will write about all four (almost 5) of our children on here & so you will get updates of libby claire's recovery through chasing seagulls.

if you stumbled onto my blog please go to for our journey on the train tracks up until this point.

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