Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween 2009

happy hallowen!

little libby claire & her best friend gavin

maggie & her best friend claire. they held hands all cute is that?

our buddy vampires
the owens kiddos

ok, matt can not deny that our oldest son is just like him. this is a matt face!

cleopatra maggie

that black hair spray backfired. our tubs & showers were black & the kids were a slight shade of grey for 2 days.

cowboy beau. costume # 2!

daddy & libs at the church. one of the only pics we got with the precious flower pot hat on!

the kids at our church loved trunk or treat! man,that is a lot of kids. i need a wider angle lens to fit them all in.

maggie & her sweet tessa

beau costume #1 snake eyes from GI JOE.

our flower in her car car

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