Monday, October 12, 2009

fancy gap

we are off! we spent the weekend at a wonderful mountain retreat with our lifegroup. we now realize that our car will be totally outgrown when little finn joins our clan. just for the 4 days away we were packed to the brim. no spare room.

little sardines

the leaves began to change the more north we went. beautiful!

we are here!

the first morning we woke up to a rainbow.

here are the chalets at doe run. breathtaking views!

the crates opened their chalets to our families. it was amazing to get away & be in the glory of the scenery in fancy gap,va. so beautiful!

some of the lifegroup girls!

we even had a sparkler night

some of our lifegroup kids

who can go to mount airy & not see the sheriff...not andy but it is mayberry!

by the way...mac was not thrilled about having his picture taken all the time with everyone looking. 10 year olds, hum?

mr. bob shared a turkey leg with libby claire, she loved it!

now that is one cooking spoon

who can go to a fall festival & not eat a caramel apple

beau & his giant drink

daddy loved seeing mayberry

he even got to see andy's sherriffs car

we only had one casualty. a lamp caught on fire. hopefully, the boys learned not to throw a football inside the house.

while we unpacked the car we had a busy little one. i walked upstairs to find this...i wonder who colored on the wall????

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