Friday, October 30, 2009

93 & kickin'

happy birthday granddaddy!
we had to miss the party in florida but hear that granddaddy enjoyed every minute of celebrating his 93rd birthday. mom sent me this photo & i had to post it. my grandparents amaze me. not only are they aging & dealing with health issues...sometimes better than others but they always are in love & look fabulous. how they do it is beyond me.
i am honored to be a part of them & have special memories from my childhood that i will cherish forever. granddaddy teaching me to fish & always baited my hook, letting me drive his car when i had just gotten my permit, spending weeks during the summer in florida, the straw mats & little radio we used to take to the beach, a can of vienna's & some saltines, grandmama always letting me dig through her jewelry & try every piece on, her wonderland of perfume & make up that i was allowed to try on, the smell of baby oil, aloe on sunburns, going to the baptist church then out to many to even write.
granddaddy has a goal to reach his 100th year! he can do it!

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