Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween 2009

happy hallowen!

little libby claire & her best friend gavin

maggie & her best friend claire. they held hands all cute is that?

our buddy vampires
the owens kiddos

ok, matt can not deny that our oldest son is just like him. this is a matt face!

cleopatra maggie

that black hair spray backfired. our tubs & showers were black & the kids were a slight shade of grey for 2 days.

cowboy beau. costume # 2!

daddy & libs at the church. one of the only pics we got with the precious flower pot hat on!

the kids at our church loved trunk or treat! man,that is a lot of kids. i need a wider angle lens to fit them all in.

maggie & her sweet tessa

beau costume #1 snake eyes from GI JOE.

our flower in her car car

Friday, October 30, 2009

93 & kickin'

happy birthday granddaddy!
we had to miss the party in florida but hear that granddaddy enjoyed every minute of celebrating his 93rd birthday. mom sent me this photo & i had to post it. my grandparents amaze me. not only are they aging & dealing with health issues...sometimes better than others but they always are in love & look fabulous. how they do it is beyond me.
i am honored to be a part of them & have special memories from my childhood that i will cherish forever. granddaddy teaching me to fish & always baited my hook, letting me drive his car when i had just gotten my permit, spending weeks during the summer in florida, the straw mats & little radio we used to take to the beach, a can of vienna's & some saltines, grandmama always letting me dig through her jewelry & try every piece on, her wonderland of perfume & make up that i was allowed to try on, the smell of baby oil, aloe on sunburns, going to the baptist church then out to many to even write.
granddaddy has a goal to reach his 100th year! he can do it!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

libby claire tree

maggie's daisy scout troop planted a tree in honor of libby claire. despite the rain & dirt the girls planted a beautiful crepe myrtle tree that will bloom hot pink in the spring.
thank you daisy girls!

the river hills emt came out to teach the girls about helping others & how libby claire was saved.

our sweet daisy

book worms

thank you diary of a wimpy kid books. mac & beau devoured book 1 & 2 in just 2 days. i am off to buy 3, 4 & 5 today!

messiah's mansion

we went to see the traveling messiah's mansion. which is a replica of the temple moses built. luckily for beau he was off playing with a friend & missed the excitement!
mac, mags & libba were very,very good to be so patient & walk through the tour with mama & daddy. we did treat them out to dinner afterwards & they really enjoyed their messy ribs.
can't you see the thrill in their faces!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

beginning to fall

we are all pumped with regular flu shots & i had to get the H1N1 b/c of being pregnant & in my 3rd trimester. mac had a toenail infection & athlete's foot, maggie had a terrible cough, which she loving shared with all of us. so after 7 doctor visits, $271.84 at CVS, checks written for flu shots, i know that there is no doubt it is fall. despite what it seems to do to the health of our kiddos this is my favorite season. the splendor of the leaves, crisp fall air, pumpkins on every doorstep, stars seem brighter in the fall, starbucks has pumpkin lattes, i dig out scarves & jeans. it is something i am so glad i get to have every year...could not imagine living somewhere fall does not descend.

i was riding in my car the other morning alone. which is really rare these days. as i came around a curve in the road there was a big gust of wind and it blew these awesome goldie, yellow fall leaves off of a huge tree that sat perfectly in the corner of the curve of the road. it was a sight i wish i could see over and over. hundreds of these beautiful leaves twisting and turning, floating to the ground. at that very moment i wished i was a leaf. then i realized we are all leaves. one day green and full soaking in the summer sun and warmth. only to begin to change into amber, red, gold, fierce yellow, burnt orange...a ray of vivid color. soon to be blown from our tree, our home & resting place & fall to the ground. then slowly turn brown & dry up. we lose our beauty, security, comfort & feel so unworthy as we once were.i have been a leaf this summer & fall. seen myself so secure, a true shade of green...soaking it all in. all of the sudden to change colors & be blown from my branch, tossed about in the wind. not knowing where i would land. i have turned brown & dried up. i lost my secure perch in my tree. i was twisted & fell endlessly until i finally landed...on solid ground. it was a journey...a season. we are all leaves in some way or another. some of us are in the middle of summer enjoying every gentle breeze, some in fall...a slow change from our green into an amazing new color. few might be blown about and preparing to brown. i think we all feel this way at times.

libby claire has been weaned from her last sedative/anti-seizure medication. she completed it last week. we can already see her true self coming out. she is talking MUCH more & MUCH louder. her balance is back, she is working on staying in her big girl bed, she is still eating us out of house and home. her personality is coming back. the crying spells are shorter & not as often. she still has therapy on wednesdays. we are working on attention span & no means no. but what 2 year old likes to hear that word. she does like to say it though. never knowing that in october this is where we would be i have no way to explain our gratitude. things are getting better and better. now it is just the shifting through and storing it all in my mind & heart. i dream every night about july 10th, in detail. every moment, every word matt & i spoke, the shallow breaths libs took, her eyes, the helicopter, her blue body intibated...each second replays in my dreams. at some point i always wake up. in the middle of the ambulance ride, sitting in the trauma room, meeting with the surgeons, on my knees in a waiting room. i wake up & wish it would be stored away, a distant memory. i know when traumatic events happen that it takes time to get over & work through. i am just now getting to that point. for so long we functioned on adrenaline & the peace of Christ. upheld by is now that i finally am able to start my sorting & organizing it all.

now that i have gone through "that season" i am ready to tackle H1N1 or anything that this fall/winter has to throw our way. that normal day to day stuff pales in comparison to what we have done over the last 3 1/2 months. when i stand outside & feel the wind, watching the leaves fall & gaze at the glory of the autumn color i know that this will pass. and so bring it on...

2 timothy 4:17-18
but the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it. and i was delivered from the lion's mouth. the Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. to him be glory for ever and ever. amen.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

naptime woes

well, we put libby claire in a big girl bed. not really wanting to but...she began to crawl out of her crib & to prevent another head injury we put her twin mattress on the floor. this afternoon was the first time she took a nap in her new big girl bed. after 1 1/2 hours of playing & taking out all of maggie's clothes i found her asleep on the floor. she had her silkie & one of maggie's shirts wrapped around her legs. hopefully, the night will go better.
happy naptime!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

just be

we went to the mountains this weekend with our lifegroup. what a place of God. i can see His works in the rolling hills, autumn leaves, crisp air, peaks & is truly a gift to just see fall making its way south. i have so much i thought of over the 4 days we were there. the changing of leaves & how i felt they symbolized us over our 3 month journey... now only to fall from the tree & bud out again in spring, fresh & new or the glory & majesty of the mountains or my peaks & valleys lately, but i know i need to write about a simple thing that is never simple.

psalm 46:10
"be still & know that i am God."

while eating lunch out with the ladies in our group one said she was challenged to break down this verse & live it.
first, I AM GOD. He is. i am still awestruck that He knows my name, considers me His child, & worthy to be so. the creator of all, it sometimes is so big i can't even understand or imagine how i could be given such a gift. His son...for me...on a daily basis...what makes me worthy. i really have to just accept this one, it is that simple. with it vastness it is simple...HE IS.
second, KNOW THAT I AM GOD. i do know. i have come to Christ as a lowly sinner, prayed for salvation & He rescued me from myself. i have committed my life to something bigger & better. i know the fullness of joy & even the deepest pain but i am never alone. when you KNOW who He is yous don't suddenly see it all with rose colored glasses on or know you will never have a bad day but it is altering in a way that surpasses all. better that those glasses. to KNOW & to be KNOWN...isn't that we all want. i do KNOW.
third, BE STILL. i could write for days on this one. what a challenge for me. i am so antsy, a do"er", craft junkie, camera obsessed, sewing addict, loving & adoring wife, martha stewart want a be, organizer freak, OCD cleaner, mother of 4 (& expecting again),who wants it all done the right way. how in the world can i BE STILL? i have always been the one to fill the silence. talk, joke, laugh or get something done. i never sit, never have, never will, i do. that is who i am. it was in the silence & the stillness of july that He came to me. i was enveloped by His wings. He whispered His promises to me. He was there & i was still. there is no way i can describe how that felt or would even be able to try. it was in complete stillness that i could let Him be who He is. not in the craziness of everyday, or listening to some sermon (sorry honey) it was when i let it all go, had nothing else but just to BE STILL. when i called upon Him He would be there. i had never experienced my faith this way. so personal, so real. the Savior was right there. in me, through real. in the silence & stillness i prayed to touch the hem of His garment...for our libby claire. i begged for healing, pleaded for things to be different. but when i was STILL i knew, He was there & always had been.
and last, BE. just BE. i don't know if that sounds impossible to you but it does me. i long for that feeling again. never the pain, fear, exhaustion, of our trial but the closeness to our Father that matt & i had. i have to just BE now & that is when He comes. i look forward to the stillness & know that i need to just BE. it is in those moments i can hear Him again. i can feel that feeling of the warm, tingly blanket wrapped around me. end of your rope, rock bottom, desperate times call for desperate measures...we have been there. in our desperation we turned to the One. He has never failed us, only picked us up & carried us. i crave that all day & hope the same for you. BE just BE.
we made memories in the mountains. maggie gets terribly car sick, which makes a mountain trip even more fun, mac & beau seem to need duct tape put down the middle of the seat because someone always has there hands or feet on "my side." libby claire bores easily with the box of toys we pack & never seems to get a full nap while we travel. a lamp caught on fire, a huge bass was caught, board games played, lots of food eaten, sleepy cold morning fires, the delight of a fall festival, a tire blow out, no cell phone service, caramel apples, watching the leaves change, a beautiful rainbow, we made memories. between the laughs & conversations i realized that this is life. He gave me life & i am made to BE it. enjoy it, know that HE IS GOD.

"be still & know that I am God."

Monday, October 12, 2009

fancy gap

we are off! we spent the weekend at a wonderful mountain retreat with our lifegroup. we now realize that our car will be totally outgrown when little finn joins our clan. just for the 4 days away we were packed to the brim. no spare room.

little sardines

the leaves began to change the more north we went. beautiful!

we are here!

the first morning we woke up to a rainbow.

here are the chalets at doe run. breathtaking views!

the crates opened their chalets to our families. it was amazing to get away & be in the glory of the scenery in fancy gap,va. so beautiful!

some of the lifegroup girls!

we even had a sparkler night

some of our lifegroup kids

who can go to mount airy & not see the sheriff...not andy but it is mayberry!

by the way...mac was not thrilled about having his picture taken all the time with everyone looking. 10 year olds, hum?

mr. bob shared a turkey leg with libby claire, she loved it!

now that is one cooking spoon

who can go to a fall festival & not eat a caramel apple

beau & his giant drink

daddy loved seeing mayberry

he even got to see andy's sherriffs car

we only had one casualty. a lamp caught on fire. hopefully, the boys learned not to throw a football inside the house.

while we unpacked the car we had a busy little one. i walked upstairs to find this...i wonder who colored on the wall????

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