Tuesday, August 11, 2009

no apology needed!

on monday matt, beau & maggie went to see bill viar at the airport to check out the med-center air helicopter. bill was the RT in libby claire's flight from florida to charlotte. special, special guy!
our house is in the direct flight path of the cmc helicopter. the other day bill "facebooked" me & apologized for the noise over our house. are you kidding me???? he & the team were in-flight saving someone's life & he apologized to me. crazy! i now have a sesitivty to the sound of a helicopter. for some reason that is the one sound that brings back a flood of anxiety, fear, helplessness...whew! it is really hard for me to get over. i know that that was one of the things that saved our pips life. getting to the hospital so quickly but it brings so much back, even posting these pics...i know this is not the helicopter she rode in but it still brings it back. one day i will be able to make the trip & see the helicopter. maybe even ride for pleasure next time. no apology needed bill...i honor you for your life saving! thank you!

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